Fix YouTube Playback Issues withs Chrome Browsers

Tip submitted by bob3160 on January 21, 2013

Fix YouTube Playback Issues withs Chrome Browsers

Fixing jerky motion in YouTube playback if you’re using the Chrome browser.
On some systems , including mine, you may need to re-install the flash player.
Once the player is re-installed, the Pepper Flash will still be gone and the problem is fixed. – enjoy.

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7 thoughts on “Fix YouTube Playback Issues withs Chrome Browsers

  1. Its kind of hard to follow a tutorial on youtube if you cant get youtube to work. That should be a no-brainer.

  2. There's a problem with Youtube on chrome? I use Chrome all the time. I never noticed any problems with Youtube.

  3. My problem with You Tube is on 80% of videos I try to watch, including the one above, I get “an error has occured, please try again later” There are a few other people that have reported this problem but I have yet to see a fix. It happens on Chrome, Firefox, and IE. I have a HP desktop with Windows 7. I have reinstalled all Adobe Flash, nothing helps.

  4. Ironic that you use YouTube video to demonstrate to people who have problems with YouTube video how to fix the probelm. That is kind of like calling an ISP when you have no internet only to get a recorded message directing you to for troubleshooting 😛

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