Tips for an Easy Migration to a New PC

by Mariella Moon for Techlicious

Tips for an Easy Migration to a New PC

So you’ve recently taken the plunge and bought that new, fancy computer and laid your decade-old PC to rest. Migrating everything to that new PC could sound like a headache-inducing task – fortunately, it doesn’t have to be as troublesome as you may imagine. By using the right tools and processes, you can transfer not only your files but also your settings when moving to a new PC.

Use built-in Windows Easy Transfer
The easiest way to transfer files and settings from one PC to another is by using the built-in Windows Easy Transfer, which can copy over your documents, music, videos, images, emails and contacts, and user accounts to your new computer. If your new PC comes preinstalled with a newer operating system (OS), know that not all programs and settings will be compatible with your new computer. If so, it’s advisable to download and install either Windows 7 or Windows 8 Upgrade Advisor on your old computer prior to running Easy Transfer.

Upgrade Advisor provides you with a detailed report of your PC, advising you which software is compatible with the newer OS, and if you’re only upgrading your old PC’s OS, whether your old PC can be installed with the newer OS. You’ll probably find yourself having to download new installers that work with the more recent OS, as well as having to install system files like fonts, but going through this process makes moving computers a lot easier than starting from scratch.

To be able to use Windows Easy Transfer, you need any of the following: an active home network, an Easy Transfer cable ($16.95 on Amazon) or an external hard disk (or USB flash drive) large enough to hold all your files.

Then follow the steps that follow:

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