Verizon and Others Prey on Consumer Ignorance

By Bill Pytlovany

Verizon and Others Prey on Consumer Ignorance

Many of my readers know I’m not a fan of software added to a downloads if you don’t read one of the setup screens and uncheck the option. This behavior has been accepted as a legitimate business practice even when the parasitic program blocks attempts at removal.

Large, well known companies like Oracle and Adobe commonly add browsers, toolbars, download managers even to required security updates. They receive a royalty on every successful installation which depends completely on users not paying attention.

Unwanted downloads isn’t the only business with growth projections that take advantage of consumer ignorance. A number of company’s have established their business on providing ringtone services that we never signed up for. The only way I found out we were unwilling subscribers was by taking the time to read our phone bill. Over $20 was added to our bill for a services I had never heard of. It turned out to be a subscription so if I hadn’t found it we would have continued to have it on every monthly bill. Reviewing old Verizon Wireless bills I discovered that we had been charged every month since last year.

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2 thoughts on “Verizon and Others Prey on Consumer Ignorance

  1. what happened to honesty.
    they claim to be the No 1 on service and rank No1 on BBB etc… they are a bunch thieves.
    we consumers have to pay the full amount of the monthly fee when their service is available 75% of the times….

  2. I have learned to check my Telephone Bills from way back when MCI was there..which claimed to lower my Business Phone bills to sign contract and was erroneuosly charging talk time.. which i found out having a phone system that kept LOGS of actual time we used the lines. They gave me such a hard time to give CREDIT and i had to hire an attorney to get my LINES BACK to Verizon that they had brought to their swithing center.
    Verizon was HONEST when they first started but it now has become a real shylock when it comes to billing. In last 2 years, i have had to ask them for CREDITS practically every month which they will provide by me after calling and questioning their bills. I finally quit them for local VOIP Cable phone service and changed my Cell to T-mobile which is lot cheaper than Verizon.
    The same practices are being employed by UPS & FEDEX & Banks for business accounts (which tend NOT to check Bills) and rack in millions just by programming their billing programs for extra and erroneous billing.
    GREED has taken over and consumer has not left with much protection, partly being ingnorant. The Governments also benefit in revenue from taxes that are levied on these extra charges and has allowed these cartels to flourish.

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