Can Windows Blue Save Us?

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Can Windows Blue Save Us?

Can Windows Blue save us? I’ve tried to be a Windows 8 evangelist. I am an early adopter and one of the few that actually liked Windows Vista, so I’m use to being laughed at and ridiculed for my choice of Operating Systems. Windows 8 has been a hard sell, however. There is simply too much negative buzz about it, and I find myself not telling people about the many great features such as the built-in antivirus, faster boot times and an improved task manager. Instead, I find myself frequently describing Windows 8 as “It’s not that bad.”

“Windows 8: It’s not that bad” is a terrible slogan.

So I was thrilled when I read in a recent Verge article that Windows Blue (Windows 8.1) will likely include a boot to desktop option, but it is unclear at this point whether the Start menu itself will make a come back.

Personally, I immediately bypass the Metro start screen and go directly to the gimped Desktop each time I boot my PC. I loath having to switch back to the Metro interface to start an app. The Metro interface probably has its place on a tablet or touch screen laptop, but not on my desktop machine.

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32 thoughts on “Can Windows Blue Save Us?”

  1. Don’t you see? That is MS “trick” to make your new OS faster…by confusing you as you relearn the whole thing. By the time you figure it out you will have forgotten the speed of your last machine…so making it difficult to compare so called advances.
    . The automobile industry would not do these kind of changes as no one would buy the cars. No one wants to relearn how to drive the darn thing because now the clutch pedal is where the gas pedal is and the brake pedal is in the glove box.
    . Mechanics too would say it is a P.o.S.
    . I use my XP more than Win8 just because it is familiar. I know when it is slow and when it is hanging. Win 8 hangs and I do not know where and why. How do I fix? I restart the computer and hope it fixes itself.
    . Yes it is faster. But I doubt it was because of the start button.
    . The Metro screen is “BLING” nothing more.
    . The dudes that designed XP had their “sht” together and put together a GUI that was user “or the consumer” friendly
    . Vista was a drug tripper. I did not own it but my buddy did, and I was a “newbie”
    Which is very counter-productive.

    Hey Microsoft…I don’t NEED A PC. Lived without one before and can do so in the future. Just that easy.

  2. Save us ..!! Save Windows you mean.!

    I’m sticking with Win 7 & unless Win 8 does a significant turnaround, that’s probably going to be my last MS os.

  3. I use classic shell that gave me back my start button andI go all the way back to Windows classic start button. There is ways to tame your Windows 8 Metro and even the corners. I know there are other ways to do these things, but it is all in one little command Center.

  4. Im of the opinion that no-one likes change but there is always another way… navigate to scroll down to classic start … click install and there you have it … boots to original desktop with a start button !!

    hope it helps those who long for tradition !!

  5. I have been working in IT for over 40 years so have seen a lot of change. I have used all the versions of windows bar ME + various Unix and linux OSs. Change is a constant, there will always be things that someone does not like in every release but for me Windows 8 is better that the previous versions. If I had a touch screen the metro interface would be useful but I know if I want to go straight to desktop it’s I click or just install one of the programs to do it for you. If you want everything to meet your individual requirements then write it yourself or use third party programs to fix. Constructive criticism is better than destructive comment.

    1. @James Mayor: So your answer to all the complaints about win8 is to learn how to write commands to fix it or buy third party programs to fix it? Try applying this logic to any other consumer product. I hope my next car won’t have all these ‘features’ as I don’t want to build a garage with a lift so I can start tearing my new car apart to make it work. And did MS fire all their designers? What an ugly lump of an OS!!

  6. I really enjoy using Windows 8. I feel sorry for those unable or unwilling to learn how to use it. It is the future of computing!

  7. And I find it amusing that before Windows 8, Microsoft Security Essentials wasn`t worth having, according to you "so-called" tech gurus…Now that it is a part of this piece of crap called Windows 8, it`s the best thing since sliced bread…..Ballmer spoke volumes when he fired the President of Windows 8 just a few weeks after its release.

  8. Windows 8 is quite simple, too simple. Windows 8 is for people that don’t mind all the advertising, don’t mind that big brother (MSN liberal Media) is watching you and spends all their time talking or playing games. A serious user or power user, works on his PC, doesn’t want all his work recorded and does not freely give it to Microsoft, MSN, Google, Facebook or any other place children play. The missing start button is nothing, a 3 year old can get around that, but it does annoy. Microsoft did a good job making a PC into a telephone, but I want a PC. I have now been using Win 8 since 6 weeks before it was released and have used windows since its inception. I have used eight versions of windows and expect more of the telephone garbage, controlled by MSN. I now am in the process of trying Linux, Ubuntu, Mint and Zorin and figure to be gone soon. My advice to Microsoft, give the newbies what they want and forget your long term users, oh right, You already are.

  9. Anton Van Wamelen

    Installed a SSD on my laptop, here does WeeEight shine, no delays, no startup knob needed…it flies……..

  10. I personally am tired of having to relearn where thing are! That is not progress for me when I have to spend thirty minutes trying to figure how to get the OS to do the things I want done. I find this to be the case with Windows 7. My time is valuable to me and I wish people at MS would quite trying to do me favors. Their favors wind up costing me my precious time, not to mention my having to do their QC for them for free.
    And from what I am reading from users of Windows 8, the people at MS are sending s/w out the door that is not finished. I'm going to wait sometime before I invest anymore of my hard earned cash in MS s/w.

    1. @Tony Robert Cook Jones:
      This attitude is really at the core of what’s wrong with Windows 8. Ever since the first peeks at it, there has been an extensive “I hate it” smear campaign. That started long before the first Beta was released. Unfortunately, the smear campaign has let up very little.
      Please do a bit of research, especially articles on how to get around in Windows 8, and, if possible, test it out at a local store. Once you make your way through the fog, you may find the landscape is quite nice.

    1. Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 runs just fine on my Windows 8 64-bit computers, neither of which are particularly new hardware (Core 2 Duo & Athlon X2). In general, upgrading from XP to Win 8 @ $40 was the best thing I ever did, and despite going from 32-bit to 64-bit I've found the vast majority of my old programs work under Win 8 – even Word 97! See my Windows 8 compatibility list at

  11. Windows 8 is great in my books. People that don't know how to switch from the metro screen to the desktop by the click of a mouse button doesn't seem to be the real problem. The problem is and I can say this of myself, nobody really likes change. Even if it's that simple!

    1. Have just got windows 8 by virtue of getting a new laptop, I hate it. Yeah you can change from metro to desktop but simple things like the start menu have been overcomplicated so they could shoehorn that crappy merto interface.

      Where is the run command box? I have to open documents, then navigate to computer to open the control panel. The forced switching of things like video to that crappy metro app screen means I cant have a video on and do anything else, same with ALL the other apps. Why cant it just stack them on the task bar like windows used to? As an estimate, on my actual desktop I can fit 30 icons on my taskbar without stacking so why do I need this pointless inconvenient space saving feature? Why do I need apps and widgets to open things like news, I have a browser for that where I can get my news for my preferred source, the BBC. The whole thing is a nice idea very poorly executed because it doesnt fit in with machines that can run many things all at once with 22"+ monitors. Theyve just done the same with skpye/MSN too. Forcing everyone onto skype, but skype doesnt have the features that I liked and used MSN for so they have basically just forced me to download Yahoo Messenger. Its insane! If 8.1 doesnt fix it my laptop is going back to W7.

      And my biggest bugbear, the thing that REALLY pissed me off with my new laptop? It didnt come with god damned Minesweeper! Any attempt to get any sort of the usual time killer games just takes you to XBLA and I didnt even have net access at the time so it was even more useless than usual. If I wanted XBLA, Id own an xbox. I dont, I bought a laptop, a none touch screen laptop at that.

      1. @Robert Bell:
        Try this:
        On the Start Page, type “h” and select “Help and Support.” Do a search for “tiles” and select “Rearranging tiles on Start.”

        By following these very simple instructions, I’ve made my Start Page into a personalized start menu that is easier to use than the old one. You can even add “run,” “cmd,” and other tools (so you won’t have to right-click the lower left corner to bring them up).

        Most of the other things you mentioned can be done from the Desktop. You don’t have to use the apps (what Windows 7 called widgets). They are there for people who want them. You can still pin items to the taskbar, just like in Windows 7.

        In spite of your childish trantrum language, Minesweeper is found in the Store. Narrow the results to “games” and “free.” If you like Freecell, you could also get the Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

        However, with your expressed attitude, you should stick with Windows 7. It will be around for a long time.

  12. As with John, I too make use of a third party start menu app. The one that tickled my fancy is called Classic Shell. It is a wicked good tool that serves to restores the whole UI to something that those of us using Win8 in a desktop/laptop environment can appreciate and feel very comfortable with. I encourage you folks to take a peek at it: It made the problem I had with the whole metro UI thing go away for me. Also, I use another free tool called icon restorer, to tame my desktop environment and give me desktop list-view functionality. I encourage folks to check that out too:

    1. Yep, I've used the classic shell for Win8 and Server 2012. I have since moved to another start menu app called Start Menu 8.

  13. Stardock has a nifty little program that restores the Start menu jus t like it used to be. With this fix, Win 8 is a lot better. It is not free though. I paid $4-5 for it.

  14. James Gustafson

    Most of us climb steps one at a time. If we try to jump 5 steps we risk falling down. They need to move business computers one change at a time. Fix what they need to fix like fast boot times. Dont change the OS so drasticallly, make a few good changes so it is not a shock to make the change.

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