Easily Find A Lost Computer With Prey

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Easily Find A Lost Computer With Prey

Have you ever lost your computer? If so, you probably know how frightening of an experience it can be. Laptops aren’t cheap, and if you are carrying around a new Ultrabook, the loss of that investment alone is reason enough to curl up and cry. But that’s just the beginning. What about your files? Did you remember to back them up? Don’t worry, Prey is here to help you find your lost computer or mobile device.

Prey is an open source service that can track the location of your stolen or lost computer or device, activate its webcam to take a picture of whoever might have it, and take screenshots to monitor what someone may be up to on your machine.

Download Prey from its website.


Prey supports all of the major desktop operating systems as well as Android and iOS. Pick the installer for your operating system of choice. I’m using Ubuntu.


Once it was installed on Ubuntu, I found the process to be entirely non-intuitive. There’s no program called ‘Prey’ installed on my computer, because that could tip off any potential thief to the possibility that they are being tracked. However, there is a program called ‘Prey Configurator.’ More subtle? Not really.

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