5 Survival Tips for Your First Day with Windows 8

5 Survival Tips for Your First Day with Windows 8

By Melanie Gass ‘The Microsoft Princess’

Windows 8 has sold over 100 million licenses since its debut on October 26, 2012, but that doesn’t mean everyone who has it found their way on day one. For example, my 12-year old neighbor received a new Windows 8 laptop for his birthday. Two days later he knocked on my door and asked “Aunt Melanie, where’s the power button?”

Here’s my top 5 tips to survive day 1:

1. Desktop: There is a tile on the start screen called desktop. Find it and click it.

2. Locate a Program: The software you use is now called an app. When you need one, move your mouse to the bottom right corner while in the desktop, and choose search. Type in the name and open it.

3. Pin programs to desktop: When you find a program and want to access it instantly, pin it to your desktop. Right-click the open program along the bottom of the screen in the desktop and choose Pin this program to taskbar.

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This excerpt appears with permission from The Microsoft Princess.

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24 thoughts on “5 Survival Tips for Your First Day with Windows 8”

  1. Download the shell start button from Iobit, that should solve all the problems for those that dont like the win 8 charm menu. Otherwise it is by far better than previous windows.

    1. windows 8 is a horrible os for desktops. microsoft has lost their mind and are quickly losing customers. vista was strike one, win 8 is strike 2. one more and i will abandon windows products forever. they just dont get it. they should have built it for phones and tablets ONLY. they should have made a REAL os for desktops. i should not have to do special things just to access normal everyday programs on my desktop computer. win 8 was designed for the twits who just HAVE to access everything on their phone. those people need to get a life. win 8 is far worse than vista.

  2. Malcolm M White

    Just to let you know my opinion about windows ‘8’. It was a pain in the beginning, but became somewhat better as time went on. I still think it’s a step backward, and have heard there’s talk of doing away with it. Which would make many happy, but what time we have wasted to get this thing to operate at all.

  3. I have been running Win8 since it came out, and at first I hated the charms menu because I am along in years and all of those colors really bothered me, but I found Windows basic shell, it put my start button back and I set up my desktop for windows 7, I love all of the extras, if you don't like 8 then you havn't explored all of the goodies.

  4. Windows 8 is faster and safer and than ANY other version of Windows. Most interesting is that it can breath NEW life into old computers. I have NEVER seen a LEGITIMATE complaint about Windows 8. Complicated or hard to use. Get real! Apparently, a lot of people are either LAME, Microsoft haters, or simply need SOMETHING to BITCH about.

    1. you need to get a life. we should not have to relearn anything. there should be continuity between oses which win 8 does not have. i was a beta tester and know for a fact that you just think its faster to make up for switching to it and having to relearn everything. it is nothing but a pain and it is not faster than win 7. it was designed for phones and tablets but some idiot at microsoft said, why bother creating a new os for desktops just make them use this they wont mind. and there have been millions of legitimate complaints about win 8, you just dont want to listen to them. open your eyes.

      1. @robertc: Well said. I believe if Microsoft could it would abandon desktop computers. Their are a lot business in my area that will never run Win 8, and the ones that have wish they could go back to what they had. As for breathing new life in an old machine, you better make sure it will run Win 8 before you buy Win 8.

  5. I think a lot of people will dump Microsoft for Linux or more people will start buying Mac computers. The days of DOS were better then Windows 8. I have worked on all the various programs that Microsoft has developed over the years, but 8 is the worse. Check out Telikin.com

    1. @Carole: I agree, especially for the ones who’s computers can’t run Windows 8. I am using Linux Mint Nadia as I post this reply.

  6. guys you have to be patient, navigate though windows 8, i felt this way in the beging, but now i enjoy windows 8. what change in windows 8 is only desktop and start menu.

    1. @maxwell:

      If I was to buy a Windows 8 computer, the first I would delete is all the apps. I want my own, not something that Microsoft added to the software.

      1. @Carole: That is what I did when I put Windows 8 on my wife’s computer. Then I installed Classic Shell and disabled the charms bar.

  7. Well I have 4 pcs with windows 8 in native mode in front of me – only one has touch screen and all work flawlessly and what's more about a 1/4 as fast again as windows 7 worked on them. Open your minds and stop being technophobes. Embrace the new!

  8. Kill 8. I will not own a computer with Win 8 on it, and I am not alone. I have advised all my contacts to do the same. Some doubted me at first, but then ended up returning their lap-tops and desktops with Win 8 on them. I didn't much care about Vista/Win7, but I like it a lot more then Win8. I haven't used Linux in a long time, but may be a good idea.

    1. Daniel Phillips

      I want say kill 8 but I don't like Windows 8 for a desktop PC. Upgraded my wife's XP to Win 8 back in January, when it was cheap, no way I will pay upwards tp 200 bucks for Win 8. Microsoft should have given Win 8 away. I dual boot my machine with Linux Mint and XP.

    1. @Brian Jordan: @brenda griffith: Linux Mint is a Linux Distro that can be installed as a stand alone O/S or dual booted with XP. You will need to download the ISO and burn this to a bootable DVD or just buy the live CD. Google Linux Mint and you will find it.

  9. Brenda Griffith

    I bought a Tobshiba Window 8 laptop and returned it. I want to get my Windowx XP back to new. Any suggestions of what I can do?

    1. Daniel Phillips

      I dual boot my XP with Linux Mint on a 80GB hard drive. Only use XP when I have to use my scanner. Do You have a laptop or a desktop? Mine is an old eMachine with a pentium 4 processor.

    2. Brenda Griffith

      I havae TWO old desk tops–an old small square Compaq and a Dell, both with XP. The old Campac I see used to turn CDs. Like to get that one fixed.

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