Easily Remove Image Backgrounds

Easily Remove Image Backgrounds

For those who play around with editing images…removing backrounds comes with its share of headaches.

A new online tool — Clippingmagic.com offers a user friendly option that appears to work very well.

Clippingmagic is currently in Alpha and word is they will be charging for this app sometime in the future.

Give it a try while it is free and let us know what you think.


Have another favorite way to remove image backgrounds? Please share.

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4 thoughts on “Easily Remove Image Backgrounds

  1. love it! using art.com with an erasure to remove back ground is time taking and this does much better! hope it isn’t too expensive when they charge for it because I want it!!!

  2. I find that Powerpoint 2010 works surprisingly well for removing backgrounds. It can be a little tricky sometimes but with practice you get what you want in most cases.

  3. It was very quick and easy to use, and worked great, but it crashed Chrome, and when I tried to email the final result it caused Outlook to start “strobing” or “flickering.”

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