Windows Start Button is a Crutch

Windows Start Button is a Crutch

By Melanie Gass ‘The Microsoft Princess’

After training thousands on Windows 8 since the day of launch, I’ve come to realize that the start button is more of a crutch than providing a true purpose. Yet, it’s one of the top changes Microsoft will be bringing back with the service pack release, known as Windows Blue, arriving fall of this year.

Think about the way you work in your day. When you need to open a program, it’s either an icon on the desktop, or it’s pinned to the bottom of the screen along the taskbar. The start menu in Windows 7 did have a purpose for searching, and was an instant way to provide results for document and program searches. It also helped you locate the control panel and the power options.

But why did Microsoft take it away in Windows 8?

When a program, including Windows, is installed an option is presented to opt-in to the Experience Program through Microsoft. This in essence allows Microsoft to better understand how you work in your day through key strokes.

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This excerpt appears with permission from The Microsoft Princess.

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2 thoughts on “Windows Start Button is a Crutch”

  1. gobshite! i've gone from my win 7 computer to my mam's win 8 and it takes twice as long to access something that i could pull up on the start menu in seconds. i can access control panel in 2.5 seconds from the centre of the screen and it takes almost 5 with hers.

  2. For me the w8 tiles is simply cumbersome and incredibly ugly. Thank goodness for StarDock’s Start8 and ModernMix! Beneath w8’s “modern” terrible touch screen oriented interface, w8 is a really good OS. Love my mouse and keyboard! Love Start8!

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