4 Cloud Computing Security Concerns

4 Cloud Computing Security Concerns

by BurnWorld.net

Any rapid transition to new technology can be ‘clouded’ with uncertainty. The movement to cloud based solutions is no exception. Here are four main cloud computing security concerns.
–PC Pitstop

Cloud computing security has evolved and grown in recent years with more and more companies and businesses realizing the true value and potential behind using cloud computing services. Along with the massive growth comes security concerns and issues that must be addressed by all cloud hosting companies. A successful cloud hosting company must diagnose the possible security threats their service will face and they must formulate solutions for dealing with these threats.

1. Trust

One of the biggest cloud security issues revolves around trust between the service provider and the customer. One of the biggest issues a new customer faces is attempting to discern whether the service provider is trustworthy or not. Granted this can be remedied by going with a well-known cloud service provider, but they typically have higher rates than service providers who are just getting started in the business. Insider attacks are common among start-up businesses, and with so much information stored in a typical cloud setting an insider attack could be devastating.

Currently the only legal document in use between cloud service providers and their customers is the Service Level Agreement. This document merely outlines the exact services the provider offers and what services are available to the customer. This document does not disclose services which may be available in the future or ones that were previously available. It is important to review the SLA and ensure both parties agree to the document and sign it before beginning your contract.

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2 thoughts on “4 Cloud Computing Security Concerns”

  1. Power failures and off line access to data !

    So, if we place all our data on a cloud based system,how do we continue working when we have a power failure or our ISP is down ?

    Having confidential date, our correspondence, accounting records, Tax records and invoices, personnel records, on a cloud system ?? – no way hosay !
    – You would have to be nuts to do this in my opinion.

    Roger H.

    1. I lost my MAC table top one month ago. Fortunately, I had purchase cloud a week prior to the storm that cut off electricity. The lightning went through my surge protector and damaged my computer so that it would not boot up after numerous attempts. Unfortunately, I have had to wait until today to get an appointment with the Geek squad to confirm damaged property before home owners insurance will pay less deductible.

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