The Quickest and Laziest Way to Search Windows 8

The Quickest and Laziest Way to Search Windows 8

This tip shows that searching Windows 8 is far easier than you might realize.

By Melanie Gass ‘The Microsoft Princess’

This is my third post for all of you, and thanks to your passionate comments I’m excited to present this week’s post on search.

I empathize with you on changing how you work in your day. Navigating your way through the Windows 8 frontier is much like driving across country with many roads to take. Sometimes you choose one direction and it’s a dead end. Sometimes you enter a non-paved, bumpy road thinking it’s shorter. Other times you enter the highway of high speed limits and no cars in sight. Next time you have a choice on searching, try this tip to help you with your journey along Windows 8 highway.

The simplest way to search is from the tiled screen. It’s the quickest, laziest way to find anything you are looking for. Instead of looking at tiles or finding charms, you can type a few letters of the program or document name you are searching for when you see a tiled start screen.

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This excerpt appears with permission from The Microsoft Princess.

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