Adjust Your Windows 7 Power Saving Options

Adjust Your Windows 7 Power Saving Options

By Terry Stockdale for

Windows 7, like earlier versions of Windows, has power-saving functions built into it and already activated by default.

For example, after a short period of time, the built-in screensaver will kick into operation. Not too long after that, the monitor will go blank to conserve electricity. Similarly, and again by default, Windows will power down the hard drive(s). Finally, Windows will put the computer to sleep. At that point, the computer’s motherboard is still awake. The computer will awaken if you press a keyboard key or move your mouse.

Fortunately, Microsoft also added features that allow us, as the users, to change when and if our computer powers down or sleeps.

In order to review your computer’s Power Options settings, and to make changes to those settings, you need the Power Options dialog box, which is part of the Control Panel.

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This post is excerpted with the permission of Terry’s Computer Tips.

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  1. Thank you for writing this. i think it will help many people. I get calls all the time as I do computer repair on a daily basis, to stop the computer from going to sleep or turning the monitor off. I will make a link to this article on my site

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