The Missing Laptop Travel Nightmare

By Bill Pytlovany

The Missing Laptop Travel Nightmare

Instead of a Memorial Day picnic, you have to fly Minnesota. Once you arrive late in the evening you still have to drive six hours and be ready for training the following day. You reach into your bag and find a Microsoft Surface RT that apparently belongs to someone you’ve never met or heard of. What would you do?

Now imagine you traveled halfway across the country, taking two separate crowded economy flights. When you arrive it first appears that your airline has lost your bag but you eventually find it. It’s a good thing because Delta Airlines surprised me with a $25 charge to check one bag. You locate the taxi stand and ride into the city dragging both your bag and carry-on bag into a noisy downtown hotel. When they can’t find your reservation you discover Hilton has two hotels on the same street in Minneapolis. So at 10 PM you’re in a strange downtown dragging your bags four blocks to the hotel that is expecting you. You’re given a great room but told the kitchen is closed so there wouldn’t be any room service and because it’s a holiday there’s nothing near by that’s still open.

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This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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