Eight Search Engines that Dig Deeper than Google

Eight Search Engines that Dig Deeper than Google

By Bob Rankin

Don’t let Google’s domination of the search world – prevent you from using these search engine alternatives that dig deeper and reveal more useful results.

Searching For Search Engines?

When it comes to web search, there’s the Big Three, and the rest of the pack. Taken together, Google, Bing and Yahoo power 96% of all web searches. But there are some compelling reasons to look further when you’re searching for answers online. Here are some Google search alternatives you should know about.

Yahoo! (and its silly exclamation point) has been for many years the search engine for people who don’t like Google or Microsoft. The irony here is that Yahoo has a personality disorder. It started life as a web directory, then morphed into a web portal with a search engine.

Behind the scenes, Yahoo’s search results have been provided by a variety of companies, including Google. For a few years, they tried using their own search technology, but it never worked well enough. Since 2009, Yahoo search has been powered by (drumroll, please…) Microsoft.

Google Alternatives

Yes, Microsoft’s Bing provides the search functionality of Yahoo, so you may as well jump directly to Bing. But for whatever reasons, people have been slow to do so. Bing ranks second in market share with 17%, and Yahoo still attracts about 12% of searchers. Much of Bing’s gains have come at Google’s expense. Bing’s search results, speed, and presentation compare very favorably to Google’s; some say Bing search results are more useful than Google’s. If you want to compare results from Bing and Google, try Bing It On.

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Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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