How Windows System Restore Comes to Your Rescue

How Windows System Restore Comes to Your Rescue

By Terry Stockdale for

The System Restore tool included in Windows has improved over time and when used correctly it can be a great resource to come back from a system disaster.–PC Pitstop.

One of the new features that Microsoft introduced with Windows Millennium (Windows Me) was the incorporation of a third-party program that backed up the Windows operating system and critical files, including the Windows Registry. It was called GoBack.

While GoBack was incorporated into Windows Me, and was made available from the third-party software company for earlier versions of Windows, it never really caught on. Perhaps because it ran before Windows ever started. It also modified the Windows C: drive’s partition to a non-standard partition type, which broke a number of third-party utilities.

With the advent of Windows XP, GoBack was gone from Windows. Microsoft introduced a new feature called System Restore to Windows. Over the years, and over changing operating systems, System Restore has gotten better and better.

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This post is excerpted with the permission of Terry’s Computer Tips.

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  1. Windows XP Pro System Restore is hopeless. It rarely restores to a manual restore point and you can’t set a new restore point in Safe Mode.

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