Repairing Corrupt Microsoft Office Files

Repairing Corrupt Microsoft Office Files

By Windows Guides

Save yourself a headache and check out the option inside Microsoft Office for repairing corrupted Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

Receiving a file after a long wait, only to find it’s corrupt can be very frustrating. A corrupt file is a file which has been altered during the transfer in such a way that it can no longer be opened by a supporting program. This is a very common case with Microsoft Office files. If you try to open these corrupt files in Microsoft Office, it refuses to open them and shows information about the corrupt and damaged files. Perhaps this is why Microsoft has decided to add an option to repair or fix the corrupted office files. This way you can salvage whatever data is still remaining in the damaged files and rebuild it into a new file.

You can follow these steps in order to repair the corrupt Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other office files:

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4 thoughts on “Repairing Corrupt Microsoft Office Files”

  1. Hi, I will recommend you to use Kernel Recovery for Word tool. It will recover your corrupt MS Word document ( and recover your crucial data from it.

  2. To Use the MS Office Recovery Software for repairing corrupted Word, Excel and PowerPoint files by third Party Software like RecoveryFix for Office Recovery Software( Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Access). Free trial version also available.

  3. RecoveryFix for word recovery tool is capable of recovering Word doc file that got corrupt owing to physical and other information from the corrupted or damaged Word (doc, docx) files.

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