Seven Reasons Desktop PCs Will Survive the Test of Time

By Windows Talk

Seven Reasons Desktop PCs Will Survive the Test of Time

Apparently, desktops are in decline. At least the sales of them are, anyway.

Although, as someone who uses a desktop on a day-to-day basis, I can safely say I still think they’re ace. Yes, laptops, tablets and smartphones may offer the portability that a desktop can never compete with, but there’s still more than enough room for the old dinosaur to compete amongst its smaller bite-size siblings.

Will desktops survive the course of time and still be around in five, 10, 15 or 20 years time? I’d say so. And here are seven reasons why that ought to be the case.

1) Bigger Is (Sometimes) Better

As technology advances, we seem to have an inherent responsibility to make every smaller and more compact. In some cases, smaller is indeed better. Just take the mobile phone, for instance. Nobody wants a return to the days of the brick telephone. But when it comes to PCs, desktops with their overbearing monitors are just fine. We can see everything that little bit clearer and more precisely making our work that little bit easier.

2) Durability And Power

Because of their large processors, desktops are typically much more powerful than their smaller competitors – meaning that they can store larger amounts of data, run more smoothly, last longer and require less computer repair. Oh, and they don’t overheat like laptops.

3) Cheap As (Not Quite) Chips

According to my extensive research (and not merely assumption), desktop computers are considerably cheaper than Laptops. And, considering the point I just made about durability, that’s actually a really good thing. Why? Because you’ll replace desktops less often and therefore save money. Which we all like doing, don’t we?

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4 thoughts on “Seven Reasons Desktop PCs Will Survive the Test of Time”

  1. I have rid myself of my laptop. I have a desktop that I use every day and a tablet I carry with me. So far I have had little issues with the setup and it works. PS… Chrissy call me…

  2. Christina Paulette Kirschner

    To each their own. My desktop is used daily and my laptop is used monthly. I stream movies daily but don't remember the last time I visited my movie case. There is a niche for all and anyone who denies that is projecting a bit too much.

  3. You are right on – I also feel the same way about dvds. Streaming is no substitute for a full featured dvd or Blu-ray disc!

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