Finding and Downloading an App in the Windows 8 Store

Finding and Downloading an App in the Windows 8 Store

By Dave Taylor

The Question: I’m now running Microsoft Windows 8 on my PC and while it takes some getting used to, it’s growing on me. One thing I haven’t explored yet, however, is the Win8 App Store. I’d like to be able to grab new programs, utilities and games directly from Microsoft but don’t want to mess things up. Can you guide me?

Dave’s Answer:

It’s ironic, really. In the next month or two Microsoft will be releasing what’s become known as “8.1”, a major patch to the Windows 8 interface that brings back a lot of classic Windows interface elements, including having you log in directly to the Desktop and, yes, a start button (though it’s not quite going to be the same as what you had in Windows XP or Win7), and it’s only after using the new Start Page interface that you realize that the new design actually works pretty well after all.

Still, tons of people have been dragging their heels on the upgrade, still running a previous version of Windows. Heck, some people are still running WIndows 95, according to our site logs. Windows 95. Like 1995. Amazing.

To help people get used to the new “Metro” interface in Windows 8, I’ve written a number of different tutorials, and will be adding new ones over the summer too. Tutorials that will help you rock Windows 8, not just stumble through. Like “Win8 Ninja!” sort of stuff. 🙂

A great starting point is the process of finding and downloading an app through the Win8 App “Windows Store” (the name “App Store” is already used by Apple, so Microsoft wanted to avoid confusion, confusingly enough).

Steps Continued Here

This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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