Saving Time with the Tiled Windows 8 Start Menu

Saving Time with the Tiled Windows 8 Start Menu

Not everyone is familiar with the time saving features of the Windows 8 Start Menu. The Microsoft Princess takes you on a tour of a new tiled window to the world– PC Pitstop

By Melanie Gass ‘The Microsoft Princess’

Recently Anne commented on a blog post I wrote asking what a tiled screen was. The tile screen in my world has been known for a couple of years now, but in that moment I realized it’s not known to everyone on the pc planet. In Windows 8, the start menu becomes the new way to pin programs as you normally would in the start button of previous versions. From a productivity perspective, working with these tiles can actually save you a few seconds of time. There’s no need to wait for your e-mail client to load before seeing the latest unread messages. You can launch a web browser immediately and begin a search. And if the search is for the daily weather, stocks stats, top news headlines or sports updates, the results are already available for you on the start screen.

As you make your way along the Windows 8 path, there are small moments of time that can be saved. Let this video be your guide to understanding the Windows 8 start screen.

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One thought on “Saving Time with the Tiled Windows 8 Start Menu

  1. The first thing I did when I got Win 8 was to delete all the tiles that I wouldn’t use from the Start Page. Some I uninstall as never being wanted, and some just unpinned in case I wanted them later.
    Next, I pinned all the programs I use regularly to the Start Page – including some of the utilities. It appeared I couldn’t pin documents, so I found Tap-A-File that allowed me to do that.
    Finally, I grouped the tiles together according to function or frequency of access.
    Now my Start Page is a more functional Start Menu than any previous version of Windows since 95.
    I also like the ability to find programs by just typing the first few letters of the name. A great time saver.
    Honestly, I think if people would spend half as much time learning Win 8 as they do posting gripes about it, Win 8 would quickly have a much stronger support base.

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