Proving Your Identity to Facebook

Proving Your Identity to Facebook

by Mitz Pantic from

Has your Facebook account been deactivated or suspended through no wrong doing on your part? Here is how you can prove your identity to Facebook.
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Much like the robot Johnny 5 had to prove to his owners that he was alive in Short Circuit, there may be times in our online lives that we must convince the system that we are real humans. Automatic spambots can ruin our Internet experience by flooding an email inbox with unwanted solicitations and just generally causing a nuisance. Many websites such as Facebook have installed software that helps prove it’s users are human beings. Unfortunately well intentioned people are sometimes misconstrued as robots or spam devices after being reported as fake. Whether somebody reported you for spamming or you’ve accidentally been labeled a robot, there are a few ways to prove to Facebook that you’re a real person.

Many times the culprit behind getting your Facebook account deactivated or suspended is a jilted lover or a bully in your school or office. Even though you didn’t do anything wrong profile-wise, these people take some simple pleasure in separating you from your Facebook. Many times they’ll even go to the extent of creating multiple fake profiles just in the effort of reporting yours. Use the following methods to attempt to prove to Facebook that you’re a real person.

One great tip is to see our Facebook account protection tips because they will help you stay real.

5 Ways to Prove Your Identity to Facebook – Article Continued Here

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