The Windows 8.1 Upgrade Experience

The Windows 8.1 Upgrade Experience

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

Rich shares his observations on his clean desktop install of the Windows 8.1 Preview.–PC Pitstop

Last week the adventurous tech geeks out there got to dive into the long awaited Windows 8.1 Preview, the upcoming major update to Windows 8, and find out exactly how it all fits together.

I spent all of my last show, Observed Tech Episode 96, talking about the initial install experience on my Surface RT and upgrading my 64 bit Windows 8 Pro system. Ultimately, I opted to restore my desktop to Windows 8 Pro and leave my Surface RT with the preview on it.

Well now that the Windows 8.1 Preview installation ISO’s are available for download and I have recovered from my recent gall bladder surgery to be able to sit at my desk for more than just a few minutes I decided to go ahead and do a clean install of the 64 bit version of the Windows 8.1 Preview. It is running in a dual boot with my Windows 8 Pro installation. Remember when it used to be hard to setup a dual boot system? Well these days it is basically part of the install process if another Windows installation is found on your system. In fact, it is so much a part of the process you do not even get asked to confirm a dual boot setup – it just happens.

So I am going to do this just like I have in the past as a series of bullet notes and I will follow that with several screenshots I took during the process.

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This excerpt appears with permission from Windows Observer.

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