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In April of this year, PC Pitstop CEO Rob Cheng shared some shocking statistics regarding the dangers of outdated applications. Our research found that over 90% of PCs included some type of dangerously outdated free software. Adobe, Skype, Foxit, and many others…all need regular updating to guard against potential malware attacks. After thorough testing we added this detection feature to PC Matic and it has been a huge success.

But we won’t be happy until we stop all malware. So starting now, PC Pitstop is making our new Software Vulnerability Scan available to everyone for FREE. Over our 12 years in business, PC Pitstop has become a trusted resource for Free performance and security scans – starting with the Pit Test, now known as OverDrive. With the recent introduction of our Free PC Matic Home Security and now the Free Software Vulnerability scan…the tradition continues.

One click scans vulnerable, free and out of date software software applications. There is nothing to buy and to make it even better we’re providing the Embed code so you can add the widget to your webpages and blogs. We want everyone to have access to this excellent tool. Run the free scan today and then share it with your friends, or embed it – so visitors to your site will know which applications need to be updated and secured.

Embed this FREE scan in your site – simply copy and paste the code below:

PC Matic Home Security includes sophisticated vulnerability detection AND protection.

We have 100% automated the time consuming task of downloading, updating all free applications that may impact the security of your computer. On top of that, it also works with our scheduler so that you can set it to run once a week over night, and never worry about it again.

PC Matic Home Security is Free for Non-Commercial Use on Up to 3PCs.

Get Your Free Download Here.

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3 thoughts on “Software Vulnerability Scan

  1. The article is based on the wrong assumption that the terms “outdated” and “vulnerable” are interchangeable synonyms. For the uninformed reader, “outdated” means that newer versions are available. An outdated application may (or may not) be more or less secure than a newer version. As a developer I usually focus revisions in functionallity, performance or maintainability, so an outdated version may be less functional or have lower performance, but don’t assume that it has to be more insecure or unstable. In fact, as a general rule I preffer older but more tested software than the compulsory update of untested, buggy and rushed out versions.

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