How to Recognize a Microsoft Scam

By Anand Khanse for The Windows Club

How to Recognize a Microsoft Scam

Don’t let the Microsoft name disarm you when trying to verify the authenticity of a suspicious email or phone call.–PC Pitstop.

We get all sort of emails daily. Some claiming to be sent from reputed organizations like Microsoft. On most occasions these emails turnout to be no more than scams, trying to convince you to reveal your personal information to them. You may even get a call from people claiming to represent, for instance, Microsoft Support. In this post, we will see how to identify and avoid email or phone scams that fraudulently use the Microsoft name.

The most popular scams are ‘Lottery Scams’. At times, you may receive message claiming that you have won the Microsoft lottery. The message might even look like it comes from a Microsoft executive. However, the truth is that there is no Microsoft Lottery as such. Instead, it’s an attempt from scammers to trick you. First they will ask to either disclose your bank details and/or deposit some advance money to facilitate receiving the ‘lottery money’. Delete any lottery message you receive in the first place.

Rogue security software scams are popular too! Also known as ‘scareware’, Rogue security software is a software that appears to be beneficial from a security standpoint but offers limited or no security. Instead, the program generates misleading alerts and attempts to lure a user into participating in fraudulent transactions. Mostly, such scams appear in email, online advertisements and search engine results.

Whatever the case is (telephone call/mail or promises of money with little or no effort), the nature of threat is one – use a company’s name fraudulently to steal your personal information. so, how does one avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently? Well, just be aware of certain guidelines to help protect your self.

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15 thoughts on “How to Recognize a Microsoft Scam

  1. I felt like I must share the call I got from a 206-456-0661 phone number. The caller claimed his company monitored a virus in my computer and he could help remove it. But he only confused me. He claimed he was from Microsoft, but why would he call me when I got a Mac? I told the caller I was not interested and hung up. Good thing I did because when I Googled the phone number later, came up with several complaints associated with the phone number.

  2. I wish I had been as smart as you! I DID believe it was Microsoft… and bought software that I can't verify because I have no CODES!
    The Indian accent should have been a clue. and other things, but NOOOOO, I let myself get suckered in.

  3. I just had a bad download where a thing called Microsoft Sweet Packs got installed, even after I got rid of the bug with Malwarebytes, I still had 3 deletions in my programsI had to uninstall, and I just reset to LAST WEEK and the SweetPack Search STILL comes up next to my google search, luckily google preventet from taking over as main search,, but its still there,,, It was a cnet free download, and Im always very careful about ad ware but it was Microsoft,, BEWARE,,, SweetPack is BAD.

  4. I just flat out told the caller “do you think I am a moron like you”? Then hung up. Next time I will tell them the NSA is tracking them and they are in danger of a drone strike.

  5. I do the same – when I have time.

    I also "change" my voice to sound old and confused and claim things like

    "I know, I am having problems connecting to my bank – can you help me with that?"


    "I just got a popup and it says I can meet singles in my area – is that safe?" Then proceed to have a long diatribe about how hard it is to meet people my age…

  6. I like your newsletter and enjoy it so much pick up a few pointers sometimes hope you keep informing us on the bad things trying to hurt us cheers T A

  7. I got tired of the phone calls from the ms people telling me that there is something wrong with my windows operating system, ( i actually use linux ), sso what i do is ask them to hld on while a start my special computer, and let them log into that one , it'[s the only one that is running windows, you all remember the fbi scam that was going around ? the one that would lock up your computer and you had to either wipe the hhd or replace it, A few seconds after they log into my special computer all i hear is a lot of cussing in the back ground as the virus starts doing its magic . I don’t get to many of those calls any more . they hate the end result .

  8. I once told one of those guys I was using linux and not windows on my pc as an operating system and he replied….."oh ure using an apple pc then"….that made me laugh so hard….that guy didn't know to much about pc's at all.

  9. I actually enjoy getting the phone calls from "Microsoft employees" I mess with them so badly. I convince them that I have been having a problem with Windows and called Microsoft only minutes ago, You can tell by their tone that they can't believe their luck. I waste as much time as I can of theirs," put them on hold" by simply setting the phone down for several minutes while pretending to check settings and type in their run commands. I actually get hung up on by them and I am proud of it LOL.

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