Windows 8 Survival Guide

Windows 8 Survival Guide

By Dave for

Windows 8 is a polarizing Operating System. Some people love it, some people despise it. Newcomers struggle how to navigate Windows 8′s confusing Graphical User Interface, can’t figure out how to shut down applications and don’t know where to find the control panel. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a Windows 8 Training Guide available from Microsoft?

Well, there is. And Microsoft has done a wonderful job of hiding it.

Apparently, in May of 2013, Microsoft finally got around to publishing a Windows 8 Training Guide on their website. While it took several months for Microsoft to put this guide up, it is a very helpful resource for users that are new to the Operating System. The Windows 8 Training Guide is also helpful for those of us who have toiled learning how to function normally in an Operating System that is better under the hood than its predecessors but lacking in overall useability.

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5 thoughts on “Windows 8 Survival Guide

  1. With every new operating system there are growing pains. Charms appears to me they created a new word for icons. I really enjoy Win 8. I have put WIN 8.1 on a couple of my PCs and it is even better. I have WIN 8 on all of my PCs to include a phone and tablet. It is so convenient to go to any of them and have the same look.

  2. I went to you MS link to see the Wait guide. The first thing it said was something about "charms" What the hell are charms? It never said what they were so I quit right there. I can't stand instructions that invent new words and never tell you what they mean. MS fail

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