Still Relying on Windows XP

By Bill Pytlovany

Still Relying on Windows XP

Our good friend Bill Pytlovany explains why those who continue to rely on Windows XP will be faced with new risks starting next April.–PC Pitstop

I’ll admit I’m a little surprised at how many copies of Windows XP are still loading when computers are turned on. According to my most recent blog statistics almost 25% of you are still depending on Windows XP.


I’m pleased to see XP users are still downloading WinPatrol because they may benefit more than anyone by its protection. This will especially be true next April when Microsoft drops security updates for Windows XP or now if you haven’t installed Service Pack 3.

The current official Microsoft warning is

“To continue receiving security updates for Windows, make sure that you’re running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3). The support for Windows XP with Service Pack 3 ends April 8, 2014. If you’re running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3) after support ends, to ensure that you will receive all important security updates for Windows, you need to upgrade to a later version, such as Windows 8.”

This end of security updates also applies to Office 2003. The Windows XP “end of support” date has already been extended more than once.

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This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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13 thoughts on “Still Relying on Windows XP”

  1. Ok. I’m am an tech challenged 72 yr old and love win XP. I’m thinking of buying an iPad but would like to keep all my photos etc on my desktop. How do I remove it from the internet? Some of you say you are doing that.

  2. Mr Gates and co. need to be brought down a notch. He may have been the first genius in his field, but he will not be the last.

  3. I would not upgrade my current XP desktop because of software incompatibility and memory limits. However I would buy a new machine with Win 7 or 8 and keep the old machine offline. I am working on making the latest Ubuntu Linux adaquate to replace my Windows software.

  4. Simple answer……..Drop Windows and run LINUX. But I will also have issues as one of my programs relies on Windows.

  5. I'll just be pulling my XP rig off the net in April then.It's the last OS that i can still play $2,000 worth of my games on. Up yours Microsoft!

  6. One of the stories I left out of the XP Launch in NYC was the presentation by Bill Gates.

    Bill showed a Windows 98 machine crashing and displaying the Blue Screen of Death. His marketing message was to upgrade to Windows XP so you wouldn’t crash with the BSOD anymore.

    It was the first time I can remember a company saying, “Use our new product because our current version sucks”.

  7. Not sure but maybe using a Windows 7/8 server will be the way to go and network the XP machines through it. I still prefer my XP machine as it does all I need it to and I can troubleshoot it easily unlike my Win7 laptop.

  8. Microsoft has never put out a Windows that did not cause problem X P was the best one yet.Now i have thousands of dollars worth of Family History Disks that will not work on the the later windows thanks to Mr Gates they can not be replaced …So i have kept my Win X P for this purpose and have seen no benefit in Win 7/8 as they will not allow these disks to work so what choice do i have ???

  9. I would love to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8, but it is not compatible with some of the software I use, it is a money trap for me, I have to pay to get the new OS, then I need to purchase new software to use on it, because my licensed products are not compatible.

  10. That's just great. I've got a couple of older computers that I installed Windows 7 on, but the memory was simply insufficient (2gb max) and I had to reinstall XP. They work just fine. And so far I have no interest whatsoever in Windows 8, which probably won't run well on older computers either. If Microsoft wants to keep introducing new operating systems, they could at least keep the older ones available so people don't have to trash perfectly good PCs.

    1. @Dave Howard: you do have an option – take the machines running xp off the router so that they do not go online. this means that any left over weaknesses in the xp os are not exploitable by those outside your home. use a machine running 7 or 8 to go online, and transfer any files u need to acquire from online by a thumb drive, from the machine running 7 to the machine running xp. as to a comment someone else made about running them all thru a server, i tried to create a network with a machine i leave at dad’s house and his machine and had no luck as the 2 operating systems are not compatible. i was faced with downgrading back to xp or dad was faced with upgrading.i realize money is tight for a lot of ppl dad is no exception, but fortunately he had a computer which could handle 7,, so he bought the cheapest version and stepped up. then he simply reinstalled his programs from xp to “run in xp compatibility mode” as was graciously explained below by bill h. and yes, i do agree with you, that xp support should b continued, as you said, a lot of us have perfectly working older machines which fit our needs. lol, i have 1 laptop, that still runs 98se, but it doesn’t go online anymore for the exact same reason, i simply use a thumb drive to introduce the files i need to it.

  11. I’ve clung to my windows XP because of my microsoft picture it publishing Platinum v.2002 it’s the best for cards or any project for printing. What do I do?

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