Best Sites for Computer Manuals and Drivers

Best Sites for Computer Manuals and Drivers

The PC Pitstop Driver Library, is one of the internet’s most complete and comprehensive sources for up to date driver information.–PC Pitstop.

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Do you need computer drivers or manuals? While in my numerous endeavors, I have come across many different sites that I rely on constantly. Some are ones you may have heard of while others are golden gems hiding out in the magical Internet. In this edition, I will share with you some of the best sites to have bookmarked when you need computer drivers or manuals. Both of these can be challenges to find. I know I have spent numerous hours searching endlessly for some of the information I have listed below.

Some computer manuals can be found on the manufacturer’s website. These are usually the user manuals which will point to where all the buttons are and what they do but not give you a comprehensive breakdown strategy or guide. They will sometimes have RAM and HDD removal pics and wordage but that is usually as deep as they go. If you need to tear into your laptop, you might need a little more guidance. That’s where these sites come in super handy.

If you have an Apple product, I have a goldmine for you. Mac laptops are one of the most time consuming fixes in the history of laptop repair. If you have to stumble blindly through a disassembly, it could take you hours and possible broken pieces in the process. But if you had a manual with step by step instructions, you would save time and money. ifixit has almost every manual you could ever need. From iPhones to iPads to Mac desktops, this site has it all. Also, it has a section for gaming consoles for the do-it-yourself people out there. This beats trying to use a grainy YouTube video that you have to pause and rewind every 10 seconds.

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