Quickest Way to Delete Excel Rows and Columns

Quickest Way to Delete Excel Rows and Columns

By Allen Wyatt for Excel.Tips.Net

You probably already know how to completely delete rows or columns by using Excel’s menu commands or the tools on the ribbon. Excel provides an even quicker way to delete rows or columns, however. All you need to do is select the row or column that you want to delete, and then press Ctrl+- (that’s Ctrl and the minus sign at the same time). Excel removes the row or column from your worksheet, as directed.

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This post appears with permission from Allen Wyatt and Excel.Tips.Net.

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6 thoughts on “Quickest Way to Delete Excel Rows and Columns

  1. After using the mouse to select the row or column, the simplest thing seems to be to right-click and select Delete from the drop-down menu.

    Why remove your hand from the mouse to go and find the Ctrl key and the – key?

    • It depends on where your hands were when you decided to delete the row/col. If they were both on the keyboard, why “resort” to the mouse to select it?

      It’s good to know more than one way of doing something. Efficient use of keyboard shortcuts has more to do with your experience and involvement with Excel than with your age.

      • @Peter: Peter, it may be unfortunate that Scott brought it down to the issue of age but, where would your hands be after selecting a row or column?

        I select a row or column by clicking the header (row number or column letter). Following through with a right-click to find the Delete option is only natural after that.

        • Ctrl+Space selects the column you’re in, or Shift+Space selects the row, after which your hands are happily reaching for that Ctrl+-.

          (Memory hint: The long Space bar represents the row or column. Ctrl is ‘c’ for column, and Shift key is sideways like a row.)

          After the column or row is selected, you can hold down Shift and use the arrows to multi-select!

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