Why April 8th is So Important for XP Users

Why April 8th is So Important for XP Users

By Harry Brelsford for XPMigrations.com

Our good friend Harry Brelsford is doing his part to make sure every Windows XP users knows about this critical deadline.–PC Pitstop.

Did you know that April 8th is perhaps the most important date in April 2014? Okay – maybe it’s the third-most important date after the U.S. tax deadline (April 15th) and Easter Sunday (April 20th). April 8, 2014 is the final day that Microsoft and many software companies will support Windows XP, its popular desktop operating system.

Why is this date important to you? Well, for many reasons. The first is obvious: security. You already know the “bad guys” never sleep. Always looking for a “hole” to exploit, the hackers derive a particular joy in brining harm to your devices. Even worse–the bad guys have gotten bigger and meaner, and the attacks currently focus on financial information and even national security. Your best defense? Stay current.

And while your security solution is a huge part of the protection equation, so is your obligation to ensure the foundation of your technology house is in order. That means moving away from Windows XP prior to April 8, 2014.
Another reason to get modern in a post-Windows XP world is productivity. As many of you in the PC Pitstop community know – a faster computer usually means increased productivity. So asking you to “get to modern” is in complete alignment with that school of thought. For example, upgrading to Windows 7/8 and running the new Office 2013 is not only more efficient but also more effective. One specific example: You can search via keywords in your Outlook 2013 calendar. How many times have you tried to remember that name of someone you had lunch with nine months ago? Now you can easily recall that information and reach out and touch that individual again.

In future contributions, I’ll explore the many sides to this matter, but will also circle April 8, 2014 as a milestone you’ll want to honor with an upgrade away from Windows XP.

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27 thoughts on “Why April 8th is So Important for XP Users”

  1. Yeah Y2K all over again! My Dell laptop won't support anything beyond XP and I ain't throwing it away! People still run Win98 without anymore problems than they ever had. The mal-ware guys have moved on to people with Win8 computers, because THEY HAVE THE MONEY! What's the point in hacking into a guy's bank account with $58 in it and a credit score of 300? Get your heads out of computer magazines and into the REAL WORLD where STILL 68% of adults have NEVER touched a computer and 90-odd% of them never WANT to in the US! My M.D.'s office has gone to a computer check-in. Less than 40% of the patients will touch it, regardless of age/education. Most are concerned about privacy ,for good reason according to you tech-heads!

  2. I got comp that running win xp and ubuntu 12, so i can easly get-off windows if i want. When i do so, i will
    never buy anything from microsoft again.

  3. How will a person be able to activate a new install once the support finishes, I have changed my desktop 3 times and have had to reinstal and get activation code from Microsoft,

    Many Thanks,

  4. Hate the way MS does this! I’ve used xp for years. No security problems, no software running issues, great word processor (Word Perfect) and I’m very happy. it all works just the way i like it. If i have to change it will be bye Bye MS.

  5. In the field of computer security, so called "viruses" and other malicious software are only one concern. Anti-virus programs alone are not sufficient to protect your computer from attack. Any vulnerabilities in the operating system, once discovered, can be exploited by someone sufficiently clever and ambitious. And these people are looking constantly for such vulnerabilities and often find them before the software developers do. Once Microsoft is no long commented to closing off security vulnerabilities in WindowsXP you will be more at risk with every passing day.

  6. Not true. New exploits are identified every day. There are plenty of holes still left in WindowsXP and, after April next year, Microsoft won't be closing those holes. I would strongly recommend that you consider getting off XP between now and then.

  7. “the hackers derive a particular joy in brining harm to your devices” brining (salt solution?) I did not know the hackers came to your house and dunked your devices in a saltwatwer solution. Or did you mean bringing? Such errors show poor proofreading, and poor journalism.
    I will use XP as long as the computer it is on works, it may not be used on the internet, but off line no hacker can get to you. We also have a W7 and a W8 computer.

  8. Now why would I let go of Win XP that does not use up a lot of memory and does not produce a lot of JUNK that Windows Vista/7/8 produces?

  9. This laptop won’t run anything beyond XP. I hate Wishwa, and I’m 100% disabled and can’t afford to rebuild my desktop to handle Win7 ($500 min) plus the ridiculous cost of Win7 software! I have a “thow-away” computer that’s still running Win’98 just fine. The hackers have moved on to “bigger fish” with the newest more expensive computers and therefore bigger bank accounts.
    BTW: I ain’t buying the “end of the World” with XP. All of my doctors ain’t changing over, because they all use the same XP based doctor’s office/Medicare billing software. Medicare ain’t ready for Win7 yet, so your medical records are all gonna be on XP computers ’til who knows when.

  10. I can not afford to make any changes. I am on a fixed income and my home owner's insurrance has doubled twice and I can not even afford to put gas in my car (and we do not have bus service here). I will have to continue using XP.

  11. I am with Gerry Ward, as I have two computers also….With expensive programs on them and other stuff on them…What is going to happen to us users that have the same problem as I do….I have upgraded my computers as much as I can except putting bigger Hard Drives in them….They work very well and I have no problems with them…I am retired and can’t afford to buy new systems and the programs that I need and go to school to learn how to use them….Microsoft is just thinking money for them….Thanks a lot Microsoft…..

  12. I have been running XP since its introduction having had numerous incidents with millennium.

    If XP still has security holes after all these years shame on Microsoft.

    My Plan: I’m moving to MAC !

  13. Windows Updates are Far Far less important than Microsoft would have you believe, especially if you have a well known anti-virus running(aka Norton or MacAfee)…Windows updates(especially the malware removal ones) do little more than eat up disk space and time…I NEVER let the "Malicious Malware Removal" updates install…and I haven`t had a virus in over 10 years! EVEN on XP…and I have an XP machine, a Windows 7 Ultimate machine and a Windows 8 machine.

    1. @Gilbert L. Jones
      Security programs are no good with XP (and other old operating systems). A lot of people don’t seem to realise old operating systems have many security holes that will never be fixed.

      To me using a security program on an old unsupported operating system is like having a fence around a prison but having a gap where a gate would be. It’s also important to remember that security suites are never 100 percent efficient anyways nevermind using an unsafe OS. Add on to that unsafe programs e.g. browsers, that are no longer updated and you’ll get the picture.

      Someone mentioned above that XP is old so it won’t be targeted but as people are refusing to move from it it’s going to remain popular. Those trying to infect you to just target computers in general, it’s rare that they will target a specific OS.

      Finally for those saying they can’t afford a new computer, while this may be true, the question you need to ask yourself is do you do anything important on your computer and can you afford it being compromised? Don’t forget there are loads of cheap computers out there, some on loan.

  14. I cannot understand the part where “For example, upgrading to Windows 7/8 and running the new Office 2013 is not only more efficient but also more effective.” as you need a more powerful computer to run these programs. Where is the promise for a more efficient OS when not only are you forced to upgrade the OS but your hardware as well.

  15. If you don’t keep any financial information or personal information on your computer, I Don’t think you will have much of a problem with hackers. I could be wrong but hackers are only trying to make money by exploiting personal information on your computer.

  16. I have a net book. It will not support Windows 7. So what do I do? I was told that I cannot back up XP and download onto Windows 7 because it will wreck that OS. Any suggestions/solutions would be helpful.
    Thank you.

  17. I am migrating quite a few of my older clients to Linux, as the learning curve from Win XP to Linux is much gentler than to Windows 8. Understanding the thought processes, and the functionality of these Clients enables me to provide much simpler upgrade paths, and a more enjoyable computing experience for them. Microsoft is doing their best to support the younger generation, those that are comfortable using Smart Phones and that class of computing device, at the expense of those who have used, and are familiar with the first 15 years of Graphic Computing. This is not necessarilly a bad thing, but will alienate the older generation.

  18. The problem is with End Of Life OS I have 2 laptops and the are not able to go to the next OS this makes my 2 laptops junk or unsafe to use.

    1. @Gerry Ward: Windows XP may be obsolete, but those laptops are NOT Junk. You should be able to run Ubuntu Linux 13.04 on them and get a few more years of good use. 13.04 is the CURRENT release, Released in April, 2013. It will support Web browsing, email, and Libre Office (Replacing Microsoft Office) straight out of the box. Is downloadable, and best of all will not cost anything unless you need a technician to install it, and migrate your data.

  19. Isn’t that just like MS. They give you an OS and provide all the security items that should have been in there in the first place and then they say no more….ha ha, go buy a new MS OS and go through it all over again. Then they develop a new system and say good bye to the previous users. Remember Win 95 and Win 98 then XP and along came Vista which nobody liked and a quick swing to 7 and then 8. What is so difficult about them supporting XP for all the loyal users? You’d think by this time they would have incorporated all the security that XP needed. It appears that MS has a cash cow for OSs and will hold us all as hostages to whatever cash scheme they can foist on us little users. I paid for it, keep it fixed. So far, MS is doing a lousy job.

    1. @Don Waitkus:

      Sorry but I disagree completely with your comment Don.

      I understand your point but the problem is technology changes daily. XP is very old now, and doesn’t support technology that its predecessors support including new security technologies.

      For example Microsoft even admitted they could have done more security wise with XP so Vista came along eventually, with windows 7 later adding the speed of XP with Vista’s security.

      My point is it’s not just XP, it’s technology in general with Windows 8 eventually suffering from the same problem. Android is suffering the exact same problem with a lot of people, especially foreign users, using much older phone’s with much older versions of Android which usually have a lot of holes.

      You mentioned incorporating security into XP, the problem is that nothing will ever be 100 percent secure. Why would Microsoft keep working forever on an old and less advanced operating system when they have a new one. Obviously they want others to move to windows 8 but even so, constantly updating out of date versions is not very viable and most other software developers wouldn’t do it either.

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