Easy Migration from XP to Windows 8

Easy Migration from XP to Windows 8

By Melanie Gass ‘The Microsoft Princess’

The final countdown is on for Windows XP users. What kind of headache will the migration to Windows 8 really be?– PC Pitstop

It’s an interesting concept to think that you can migrate a Windows XP machine to Windows 8. The technology powering that computer could be ten years old. Back in those days, hard drives were smaller, processors weren’t as powerful, and graphic cards were the equivalent of black and white televisions compared to today’s offerings. Yet Microsoft tells you that the upgrade option is available for a Windows XP machine. What gives?

I’ve found that the Windows 8 upgrade advisor is much better than previous versions. For example, I had an XP Machine I tried upgrading to Windows 7 that the advisor told me would be fine. And when I upgraded, I ran into massive issues with the graphics cards and in the end no driver updates were available and I bought new. The point is that while it’s better with Windows 8, it’s always good to make sure to do things the right way up front where possible to avoid pain points down the road.

With Windows XP machines, an assessment is key. Whether it’s one computer or multiple, a good assessment can save you. The Microsoft upgrade advisor is one option, but knowing what the physical computer specifications are and comparing to the minimums required for Windows 8 can be of great help. One other thing you may not always think of is compatibility to older programs. There are few programs that won’t work with Windows 8, but still a good idea to know what they are.

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This excerpt appears with permission from The Microsoft Princess.

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8 thoughts on “Easy Migration from XP to Windows 8”

  1. While a devotee may not be using XP at this point in time, it seems that some of her friends are, and are asking to help in upgrading now … to 7? to 8? which is best for someone with mild dementia who likes to do emails?

    1. @mamaburk: GET A MAC !! I LEARNED PC BASICS (UGH!) ON A WINDOWS 3.1( I BELIEVE) and put up with Windows code / language!Horrible language!

      Santa brought me a rebuilt eMac of 1985ish vintage … and I’m still using this gem !! Super PC ! Ted Hart

  2. Anyone who is using XP and hasn’t upgraded to W7 at this time is a moron and couldn’t possible survive using W8. LOL XP? Gimme a break. Why waste an article on XP users? The lowest price for a decent cell phone costs more than an upgrade to W7 when it came out. Surely, an experienced PCPitStop devotee wouldn’t be using XP at this point in time.

    1. @elur: You are completely correct, experienced users have abandoned XP and migrated to Linux. We only read these posts to know where to direct those still struggling with MS.

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