No Need for RAM Optimization in Windows

No Need for RAM Optimization in Windows


If you are running any version of Windows later than Windows XP – you have nothing to gain by downloading RAM optimization tools.–PC Pitstop.

For some people, RAM is a precious resource that must be managed carefully. This is especially true for those with systems that have only the minimum amount of RAM necessary to run their versions of Windows. It’s also a reason why many people intuitively choose to download and install programs that will manage this RAM and shave off as much of it as possible from programs to make the computer run faster. Assuming you have Windows Vista or any other version later than Windows XP, I’m about to explain to you a common misconception about memory and how it’s optimized in your operating system.

RAM Optimization Tools Do Nothing (In More Recent Windows Versions)

Perhaps you’ve noticed a little bit of a bump in speed when using a memory optimizer in Windows. Or maybe it was all psychological auto-suggestion. Who knows? Well, let’s have a look at what goes on under the hood, shall we?

In Windows XP and earlier versions, if your RAM was almost full, you would experience a huge drop in performance, which required that you use some sort of tool to get rid of all the nasty stuff occupying your computer’s resources. In fact, you were limited to 4 GB unless you used a 64-bit OS (which wasn’t available before XP). This still rings true, but it was more critical back in the day when 64-bit operating systems were just starting to make their mark on the computing fray. RAM optimization was, quite frankly, a must.

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