Microsoft Online Storage Options Explained

Microsoft Online Storage Options Explained

By Melanie Gass ‘The Microsoft Princess’

Where does SkyDrive start and where does SharePoint end? The Microsoft Princess helps explain the Microsoft Online Storage options.–PC Pitstop

As Microsoft announces changes with Office 365, many of those announcements include updates on SkyDrive Pro. That begs the questions: Is SkyDrive the same as SkyDrive Pro? And is SkyDrive the same as SharePoint on Office 365? Let this article be the beginning of your Microsoft online document storage journey!

At the start line, there is SkyDrive. It’s been around for years, as of May 2013 over 250 million people use it to store their over 1 billion documents. It’s available as an app for your iPhone, Android, and PC devices. It even integrates with Facbook! But here’s the catch: Its primary design is for personal use. And that means for business we’ll need another option with greater security. And that’s where SharePoint (included with Office 365) can be handy.

SharePoint has been around for over ten years, but really didn’t catch on until the 2010 version. It’s partly due to an increased integration with Microsoft Office, at about that time a surge in demand in the business world for document storage collided with the update on Microsoft Office so it became the perfect marriage. SharePoint comes in server form, and also in cloud form through Office 365, but it designed to be that central hub of information for business and it accessed through an internet browser. If can be used for a company intranet, online storage for documents, keep information on projects, and even be a host for reports on business intelligence and dashboards.

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This excerpt appears with permission from The Microsoft Princess.

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One thought on “Microsoft Online Storage Options Explained

  1. I have to say that office 365 is great. I have found it has made life easier on the move. No need to worry where my documents are or what device to access them all on, it’s in the cloud!

    I have to say I have never used Skydrive before though, maybe I am too young 🙂

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