Where is Windows 8 File Explorer

Where is Windows 8 File Explorer

By Dave Taylor

The Question: I upgraded to the preview version of Windows 8.1 specifically because I want my Start menu back, but it doesn’t actually do that. Instead, I keep having to thrash around trying to figure how to get to basic features like File Explorer. Got a shortcut for me?

Dave’s Answer:

Macs have the Finder, Windows has… what? Turns out that most people don’t know the name of the program in Microsoft Windows that lets you look at your files and open up folders to see what’s inside, but you’re right, it’s called the File Explorer. It’s gone through a fair number of changes in the history of Windows but it’s still remarkable how much it still resembles the original program introduced all the way back in Windows 3.1. The good old days. Well, not really.

Still, as we have talked about extensively here on AskDaveTaylor, the greatest change to Windows 8 is the removal of the start menu, and when Microsoft introduced a preview version of the upcoming Windows 8.1 update, a lot of people were excited to learn that the Start button was coming back. Until they installed it and realized that it still doesn’t give you a Start menu.

Or does it?

As you’ll see in this tutorial, it actually offers you a rather uninspired menu (honestly, it looks more like a weekend hack than anything else) but you have to know how to get to it. Once you have that, one of the entries is… ta da… “File Explorer”.

Let’s have a look!–Article Continued Here

This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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  1. Do not install windows 8.1 by download from
    Microsoft! You will loose your OEM! No turning back! Had to reinstall windows 8 from disk! do not buy the download, you loose big!

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