Yahoo Email Recycling Nightmare

Yahoo Email Recycling Nightmare

by Fox Van Allen for Techlicious

Apparently, Yahoo’s attempts to free up user names and email addresses – has backfired. Account holders are now left open to serious privacy concerns.–PC Pitstop.

A short while ago, Techlicious reported on Yahoo’s effort to recycle old, dormant user names. Predictably, there was a lot of handwringing over the idea. While it’d be great to free up desirable but long-dormant user names, there was a lot of concern over whether Yahoo could do it without creating pressing privacy and security concerns. Still, the email provider suggested accounts really could be “recycled safely and securely.”

As it turns out, Yahoo was wrong and the skeptics were right. According to a lengthy report by Information Week, owners of newly recycled Yahoo accounts are receiving plenty of email intended for the address’s previous holder. And it’s not just spam, either – incredibly sensitive personally identifying information is winding up in the hands of total strangers.

Under the terms of Yahoo’s controversial plan, any email address that had not been signed in to for over a year would be deactivated and offered to new users. Yahoo would then monitor the account for 30 days, send bounce notifications to email senders, unsubscribe the account from bulk lists and even implement a new type of email filtering technology. Unfortunately, those efforts are falling well short.

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12 thoughts on “Yahoo Email Recycling Nightmare

  1. I’m soooo glad I didn’t sign up for Yahoo and I hope Gmail doesn’t change anymore than they have. I’m not thrilled with the last Gmail changes but at least they’re not as bad as Yahoo. I tried to sign up for a Yahoo account to use occasionally to post comments on something and they required a mobile text number – I only use my mobile for phone calls and don’t pay for text so I couldn’t use Yahoo.
    I’m a ham radio op and can send text via radio if needed or email with a tablet or notebook PC (which can also be sent by ham radio as well as by Internet). Agree not quite as convenient but it saves me a big texting phone bill.

  2. I once loved the ease of use of yahoo but how all these men contact me to get to know me is beyond me. I hadn’t thought of yahoo as a dating site and if any contact me on other sites they always have a yahoo address so I don’t use yahoo much either and as for the
    (1) year recycle!!! really give your head a shake. I could see setting up a cycle of 5 years as I know there are a lot of people who have countless email addys because the forget their password, die, or just being foolish besides the fact that when I 1st started an email account I set one up everything seemed fine. Came back a couple of days and it said no such address.
    So I thought maybe I need to reset by logging in daily so I went to redo the email address then it said the addy was already taken but still wouldn’t let me in.
    Searched for how to get it back to no avail so started a new one.
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  3. I madethe mistake of updatingto what was the latest version of yahoo email. It definiitely is a disastr. Tried several online suggestions on how to go back to “Classic” Yahoo. None have worked I loved having Yahoo emal from when I first signed up for it several years ago Will continue to search for a way to go back to the CLASSIC version. Help!

    • @JOE:
      I seriously doubt that Yahoo will return to the classic style of email. I have called them on the phone several times, it is a lost cause. I have seen feedback from people asking that they return to the previous style of email, but apparently they don’t care. I think the only way that Yahoo will realize people don’t care for things is to use the internet against them.

      • What I can’t understand is if many customers call and complain about the poorly redone Yahoo mail, etc., why doesn’t Yahoo listen? Are the chickens leading the leaders here and they just don’t want to work? Maybe the leaders feel they are receiving enough monies from their advertisers and their customers that they don’t need to listen to the clientele? This is an amazing strategy YAHOO!

  4. I think Yahoo email is a disaster. Do you know what they call Fonts? If you see the word Action, it is another word for Fonts. If you click on it, you’ll see Slim, Regular and Relaxed. LOL Guess what those words means, the size of the fonts. Also the ads are now on the side instead on top, so people are forced to look at them instead of scrolling down to avoid them. There is a tiny arrow you can click to make them disappear. If you want to delete an email, you have to click on the box in to the left of the email or click on the little bucket to the right of it. Now you can’t delete a bunch with just one click at the bottom of the page. It is slow. There is so many things wrong with Yahoo, I could go on & on about the problems they have created. They are slowly driving people away from Yahoo email.

  5. Yahoo email has become the go to place for spammers. Have you ever tried to report a spammer to Yahoo? I have. It’s not fun or useful. Seems that Yahoo would rather have someone spamming from their email system than try to fight it. I want nothing to do with Yahoo anymore.

  6. I found out about a year ago that my Yahoo mail account was being used to send spam to people on my contact list. After changing my password several times and checking my computer for exploits using several different methods with no results, I realized that it was happening when I was signed in to Windows Live mail with my Yahoo address. I tried in vain to get Yahoo to cancel my account by writing emails to customer service which were obviously never read because they repeatedly suggested that I change my password. Now I don’t use Yahoo at all except when I need to submit an email address to install software or subscribe to a web site.

  7. In addition to your comments above I have been advised by Yahoo that they are changing all their ‘’ addresses (such as mine) to ‘’ and providing a form for so doing however none of the form’s links seemed to work and after wasting a lot of frustrating time I have just deleted my yahoo address. Problem solved.They have been inconsistent and changing things from the my start with them years ago.

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