Give Windows 7 Users Access to Windows Store Modern Apps

Give Windows 7 Users Access to Windows Store Modern Apps

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

Rich at Windows Observer thinks Microsoft should open the doors of the Windows Store a bit wider and make modern apps available to Windows 7 users.–PC Pitstop

Just this past week big news came out of Microsoft’s annual company meeting that a unified app store was demoed for the employee’s in attendance.

Apparently this will give users in the Microsoft ecosystem a single point of access to both Windows and Windows Phone apps along with a possibility that Xbox One apps might also be combined someday.

I think it is a great and very logical idea to combine the app stores and the development flow. That way Windows devs can create an app and easily make it available to someone on Windows or on Windows Phone. That kind of common development process and tools makes a lot of sense and will help grow the number of Windows Store apps for both platforms.

You know what else makes sense to me? Making Modern Apps available to Windows 7 users.

Now when you stop laughing, I know you are, just give the idea a moment to sink in.

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This excerpt appears with permission from Windows Observer.

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5 thoughts on “Give Windows 7 Users Access to Windows Store Modern Apps”

  1. Paul Weed there are free versions that are compatible with windows. I will shoot ya a link when I get off of work

  2. I really hate the fact that with Wkin7 the Office Suite is minimal and expires after a short time (1 year?) forcing us to find other software to use,. I refuse (and can't afford) to pay the big price they ask just to make a resume now and then. My son uses a Mac, and I've been considering on going that route next time I buy a PC.

  3. I totally agree. I like Windows 7. I can't get used to Apple, and I like the ability to expand my hardware & software, as needed.

  4. As a loyal user of Win 7 with something of an aversion to 8 the suggestion is good, but I wonder if Microsoft will do it.

    Recently their decisions have been so poor that it is easy to second guess the company. In every case simply look at the options for any particular move and choose the worst.

    That’s the one Microsoft will choose.

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