Free Addons and Utilities for Windows

Free Addons and Utilities for Windows

By Bob Rankin

Bob Rankin lists his favorite free addons and utilities for Windows users.–PC Pitstop

Microsoft Windows gets the job done when it comes to providing all of the essential elements of an operating system. It manages memory, stores and organizes your files, makes it easy to launch programs, and connects you to the Internet. But there are a bunch of free addons that I consider essential for users who want to do more than play Solitaire. Here’s my list…

Free Addons and Utilities for Windows

If you’re like me, every time you get a new computer, or you re-install Windows from scratch, the work of adding your favorite extras begins all over again. Some are just for fun, some I consider essential productivity aids, and some are must-have security tools. Here are the software tools that I make sure are available on every Windows computer I manage, and some that I recommend for specific types of users. (This is a two-part series. See also: Essential Addons for Windows – Part Deux.)

If you run Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, there is no anti-virus protection included. Some PC vendors will install a trial version of the Norton or McAfee Internet security suites, but those expire after a few months, and you’re left with outdated or non-existent protection. Fortunately, there are plenty of free internet security software tools you can download. See my article Free Anti-Virus Programs to find download links for AVG, Avira and other excellent alternatives to the expensive commercial products.

Essential Windows Addons:
Windows 8 finally closed the security gap, by including Windows Defender anti-virus software in the package. This is a renamed version of Microsoft Security Essentials, a freebie that Microsoft also makes available for earlier versions of Windows.

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware is a supplementary tool that I recommend for ALL versions of Windows. Use it occasionally to scan for malware that may have snuck past your first line of defense.

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Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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6 thoughts on “Free Addons and Utilities for Windows”

  1. I've been using Avast Anti-Virus Free Edition for a few years, it has caught some pretty nasty things before those things had a chance to setup shop in my computer, Windows Defender wouldn't do that, would just let crap in like it was getting bribed.

  2. John Fredy Ospina

    Good morning, I’M need a software free, for win7 adn win8, that emulate server terminal. which is it more recommend…very thank you.

  3. Mickey Dennehy Watson

    I have used FREE versions of Anti-Virus Programs, for years and they have done me a great service. Have I gotten a virus or two, over the years, of course. However, if, I hadn't used the FREE versions, I never would have known. First of all, I haven't found even a PRO version program, that does it "all" … Meaning, that the program caught everything. Why? Because, no FREE or PRO version is 'perfect'.

    Due to this factor, I have chosen to have several different programs, that do their jobs, extremely well, be it the FREE or PRO version. I happen to like using avast! Anti-Virus program, as well as CCleaner, Malwarebytes and Glary Utilities. For some, this may be 'over kill', but, for me, I know that my PC is as safe, as it can be. I am using good, safe, solid programs, that simply assist me in keeping my PC, safe as it can be.

  4. free antivirus while the price is right the protection may not be there, get somthing that will stop the keyloggers, malware, and other insiduous things the “free” versions just don’t catch! ps you get what you pay for!

  5. I have been using windows defender since it came out. It has never once caught any type of malware or anything with a ware in the name. I have finally shut it off on my Win7

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