The Cloud Congress

The Cloud Congress

by Rob Boirun for

Cloud technology, advancements and infrastructure continue to develop rapidly. Now a Cloud Congress exists to help navigate through all the competing and non-competing entities using the Internet. It gives opportunities for direct applications or direct application services development.

Cloud Congress 2013

Meetings of the Cloud Congress 2013 charted cloud technologies future. The previous year the group worked on increasing cloud use from servers to storage,and from security to disaster recovery. From this initial infrastructure, the Cloud Congress 2013 did an in-depth analysis of private clouds.

Private clouds became rated for the efficiency of existing operations and the level of data management integration accomplished. Protocols for mutually beneficial partnerships became established as well.
Also, discussions of how to take legacy technology of the last 30 to 40 years and how to establish ways to integrate it into the quickly advancing present technologies occurred.

Inauguration of Cloud Security Alliance

A new section of Congress formed for security purposes for gathering information, and creating programs for data integrity and integrating systems that protect cloud entities and private individuals. This is no easy task. The group has nonprofit status, so they function as watchers over cloud connection technologies.
They have begun the huge task of researching and standardizing processes for security assurances. Education and training will become provided for other entities on cloud computing and about connecting to all other forms of computing in this alliance.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Rob Boirun.

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