Facebook Further Limits Your Privacy

Facebook Further Limits Your Privacy

Your ability to control who can find you via Facebook search – has become a giant headache.

This privacy change means that, soon, anyone will be able to look you up on Facebook unless you’ve specifically blocked them. This means users who have previously hidden their profiles and made themselves unsearchable to the general public will no longer be able to do so, unless they want to go ahead and block every Facebook user besides their existing group of friends, which would take an incredible amount of time considering there are well over a billion users. Facebook removed this option for people who weren’t already using it last year, but for those users who have chosen to keep their profiles out of the public search, this change strips their ability to keep that privacy setting. This will be a giant headache for teachers, who use this setting to have a Facebook page without worrying about students seeing them holding a beer on their trip to Florida, and any users with public personas who want to keep a personal account for friends and family.–DigitalTrends.com


Prior to this, you could set your privacy settings to allow only friends or friends of friends to look up your Timeline by name. Facebook claims that only a single-digit percentage of users took advantage of this privacy option, which is why it’s removing it. But this change will allow any user of Facebook that you haven’t specifically blocked the ability to see your name, your profile picture, your gender, and your cover photo. It will also allow users to see your networks, although there is still an opt-out option for that.–DigitalTrends.com

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9 thoughts on “Facebook Further Limits Your Privacy

  1. maybe we should just cancel facebook and possibly go back to myspace…which i discovered ,my account is still active!!

  2. The time is coming for all of us to close our accounts and open another under a fictitious name. It is also time that Facebook were subpoenaed under the DPA. I for one am now going to open up another account and will advise you all accordingly.

  3. I can just imagine what domestic violence activists think about this. And how could bullying victims ever be free of their tormentors.

  4. Maybe, just maybe it is getting nearer to the time when (and someday it must happen to all of us, anyway…) to back away from the Internet and even more so, 98% phoney television programming and the incessant, assinine adverts/commercials on TV, and find alternate interests – like taking more walks in nature (what ever is left that has not been trashed to mine minerals for this electronic-nightmare-rising). The Internet is becoming one huge data-mining entity, anyway – just like Facebook is, so "get back your life" and try increasingly to turn-off the "online world." Life was perfectly FINE before the Web, anyway, and increasing-amounts of folks are discovering that it can be very FINE without all of this online-stuff with all of its hidden agendas…

  5. And this is exactly why I use a fake name on Facebook, provide no information beyond the bare bones (e.g. certainly not telling them the name of my workplace!) and only provide let my trusted family/friends know that So-And-So on Facebook is really me. I have no interest in helping some organisation make money off my personal details and interests.

  6. I have always stated that social networks are very insecure and this is just another case to prove that so I am glad that I do not belong to any social network like Facebook.

  7. I can't see celebs standing for this. It'll end up two tier: "Celebs and Plebs", and celebs will have to pay for the privilege. There's no such thing as a free lunch! I'm close to leaving Facebook. I do not have the TIME to use their privacy settings properly, and that of course is what Facebook wants. If the end user isn't paying, it's the advertisers. Are there any good social networking sites that are totally free of adverts, paid for by monetary subscription, totally transparent privacy settings, allowing full access only to the NAS, GCHQ and the Chinese (joke in bad taste!), but for non-members, access free (subject to each individual subscribe's' settings) but no posting?

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