How to Spot a Fake Internet Account

How to Spot a Fake Internet Account

by Hal Hoykus from

Learn how to identify fake internet accounts and avoid falling victim to of the related scams.
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There’s a good thing and a bad thing about the Internet and it’s one in the same: anonymity. While you can chat with people online about your favorite team or TV show without them knowing your name is nice, purchasing a DVD or team pennant from these same unknown chatters could lead to trouble. Some people create fake Internet accounts just to lead a double life more exciting than their real one but others are more sinister and want to swindle you out of money or crucial information. Internet scams are almost endless from a grandson stuck in a Turkish prison to a Nigerian prince wanting to ‘borrow’ your bank account number to give you a few million dollars. Make sure you follow the steps to identify fake Internet accounts so you don’t become a victim of the web.

The Dangers Of Fake Internet Accounts

Depending on the type of fake Internet account a person falls prey to, the consequences can be horrifying. Divulging information to an anonymous source could result in embarrassment, harassment, losing money and even worse in some situations. Some people might be hesitant to ask dozens of questions of somebody they met online for fear of losing their trust but it’s well worth the alternative. Likewise, if an online business you’re purchasing from is truly legitimate, they’ll have no problem answering any safety concerns you may have.

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  1. You should change your article title!!! It appears that your slant is SOLELY directed at those who are looking for ROMANCE of one sort or another. I am one person who uses Facebook to keep up with Family and close friends–nothing more. You will not find much more than my name on Facebook, so in your eyes I am a FAKE identity. If you Google my name/email/etc, you should not find much more about me than I can, which is nothing. I came to your article through PCPitstop, which is strange for a mating article.

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