Why Uploads to the Cloud Must Be Encrypted

Why Uploads to the Cloud Must Be Encrypted

by Rob Boirun for drivepop.com

File encryption has become the buzz word in the industry as cloud storage solutions like Box promise high security to prevent access to file contents and ensure clients’ privacy against the NSA. However, while most brag about the robustness of their security algorithms, not a peep has been said about their ability to encrypt files during uploading or transferring to the cloud. If you don’t see the harm in having no encryption during this stage, read on to change your mind.

Top Reasons Why Data in Transit Should Be Encrypted

There are numerous reasons why data on the move should receive as much security as that at rest and in use. Here are the top four.

Data Can Be Easily Intercepted During Transfer

Encryption is a must for data in motion because it can be intercepted on the way and viewed by anyone. There are many hacking tools available on the web and many are free. Therefore, there’s always a chance someone may get their hands on your data while you’re uploading it. To avoid having your secrets leaked, you should try getting a cloud solution that offers encryption to moving data.

Your Files Can Be Modified or Fabricated

Just think – if someone can eavesdrop on the data you’re uploading, doesn’t that mean that they can modify your data packets or fabricate a few incriminating files? Cyber criminals have the skill and resources to incriminate you or delete important files that you may need. Even if you aren’t a business owner, the idea of losing precious pictures or files you deem important can be devastating.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Rob Boirun.

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