Your Face Featured in Google Ads

Your Face Featured in Google Ads

by Fox Van Allen for Techlicious

Your name and face could soon appear in Google ads – unless you take these steps to protect your privacy.–PC Pitstop.

Are you a fan of the Google+ social network? Do you rate businesses in Google Maps or Google Play apps on the provided 1- to 5-star scale? If so, watch out: Starting November 11, Google will begin promoting your social actions in advertisements using your name and likeness.

Google calls the feature Shared Endorsements. You may have seen these before when performing searches if a friend +1’d a local restaurant or news article. Soon however, these Shared Endorsements will start appearing in advertisements like the one for Summertime Spas at the right.


How to Opt Out of This & Protect Your Privacy – Article Continued Here:

This excerpt appears with the permission of Techlicious.

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3 thoughts on “Your Face Featured in Google Ads

  1. Google demands to have own picture to be on their site i.e.: You Tube. It is the requirement but not all following the demands. Not sure what it would be better to but the Facebook also warts the ID there as well. So where is the right or wrong in this? Please let me know what do you think…

  2. Why such an alarmist sounding title to the article? They TELL/NOTIFY you before doin this and give you a CLEAR and unambiguous way of opting out. Smh

    • @Tx Redneck: I don’t think the title is alarmist, just matter of fact “Your face will be featured in Google Ads.” And since this is an opt-out process, not opt-in, your face WILL appear unless you proactively go in and change your settings. Helping to get the word out.

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