5 Ways You Are Killing Your Laptop

5 Ways You Are Killing Your Laptop

By MakeTechEasier.com

5 mistakes you might be making that could kill your laptop.–PC Pitstop.

Unless you have a mortal grudge on your laptop, you certainly don’t want to kill it. Laptops are expensive, and you often try to make sure you do everything you can to keep it safe from an uneventful death. Although people have all the incentives to keep their laptops away from danger, they often do so. These little devices suffer many issues because of the limited amount of space their components reside in and the convenience presented by their portability. The mistakes I’m about to present doesn’t apply strictly to laptops; some of them are also useful for smartphones and tablets.

1: Putting The Laptop On Your Lap

Although it’s called a “laptop,” its place is not on the top of your lap, or any soft surface, for that matter. Laptops are specifically designed to allow air to flow through the bottom and sides. They have little rubber stoppers on the bottom for the purpose of lifting the laptop slightly off the surface it’s on. If you put the laptop on your lap, you may block airflow through the bottom and insulate heat.

If you don’t like using laptops on tables, get a portable multipurpose laptop stand like the one below.

2: Using The Laptop Near Drinks

The urge to drink something is quite common when you spend long periods of time on the web. You often might have a glass of water or some other drink nearby. While you’re looking at the screen, you might miss the glass while reaching for it and spill it all over your laptop. In my case, one of my cats did the job for me on a $1,500 laptop.

The moral of the story is: If you don’t want your laptop to die from a short circuit on its motherboard, don’t give it the possibility to drink whatever it is you’re sipping on.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from maketecheasier.com.

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