5 Most Useful Gmail Features

5 Most Useful Gmail Features

by Andrea Smith for Techlicious

5 Gmail features that make the powerful email application even better.–PC Pitstop.

Gmail is a comprehensive, powerful email program, but it can be confusing, even for those like me who’ve been using it since it launched in Beta in 2004. That’s because Google likes to add new features to “improve” the way it works. Some changes are welcome, like the new tabs feature that sorts incoming mail into types of mail. Others may streamline the look, but hide basic options, like changing the subject on an email reply. So I’ve pulled together the five features I find most useful in the current iteration of Gmail.

1. Adding a calendar entry from Gmail
If you get a lot of invites in your email–whether they’re for social events or just plain old work meetings–it’s now easier than ever to add them directly to your Google calendar from an open email. Look for any dates or times in the email and you’ll see dashes appear under those words. Click the date and you’ll get a prompt asking if you want to “Add to Calendar.” Clicking yes shows you your calendar for that date with the event filled in. You can change the date and time and name of the event, before adding it to your calendar. Google also includes a link back to the original email right in your calendar entry.


If Google hasn’t identified a date or time within an email, you can still add the entry without leaving your email. With the message open, click the “More” drop-down menu on top of the email. Select “Create event” and your email message will show up in the description section. You can then edit and enter details and click “save”.

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7 thoughts on “5 Most Useful Gmail Features

  1. Where do you find the “properties” on g mail
    I often check this on outlook experss to find out excally who sent the e mail and if it is spam. But I haven’t been able to find properties on g mail. Can you help

    • @Jan: they dont spy on u nor read ur emails lol the computer simply picks up hot words of what kinds of things you are interested in and cater to u with advertisement that you will like rather than getting ads that u have no interest in. dont say things u know nothing about until u educate urself on how technology actually works.

    • @Jan: I’m certain that Gmail has no interest in the content of anyone’s emails. That would be the job of the government.

      Gmail’s software looks for certain words and then tailors its ads to whatever your email was about. It’s the same with your Google searches.

      But, it kind of doesn’t matter because I’m reasonably certain you’re not reading any of these followup comments…

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