Find Largest Files on Your Hard Drive

Find Largest Files on Your Hard Drive

By Windows Guides

Windows Guides reviews a free utility that analyzes disk usage – file by file. Remember, PC Matic also provides a detailed analysis of file size.– PC Pitstop.


PROS: Lightweight and simple. Performs its main task—reporting file-by-file disk usage—in an intuitive manner and provides the ability to visually drill down to the largest files and directories on your hard drive. Essential for SSD users running out of space!

CONS: The only “con” is WinDirStat has pretty much looked the same since its release in 2003. The treemap view is great but it’s a little bit of an eye sore by today’s standards. Still, the software is bug free and provides data quickly and efficiently.

VERDICT: If you want to save disk space, this utility is essential.



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This excerpt appears with the permission of Windows Guides.

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