Refresh or Reset – When Windows 8 Won’t Reboot

Refresh or Reset – When Windows 8 Won’t Reboot

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How to refresh or reset Windows 8 through Windows RE (Repair) when the OS won’t reboot.
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You can use the refresh or reset option straight from inside the windows 8 operating system, however what if your pc will not boot to allow you into Windows? No problem. All you have to do is access the Windows RE (Repair). So no need to panic, because you can use the refresh or reset option through both your pc settings and the troubleshooting Windows RE environment.

When Windows 8 Will Not Boot you have two options to gain access:

1. Boot from your Windows 8 operating system disc.

2. Boot from a Windows recovery drive.

#1. Boot From Your Windows 8 Operating System Disc

A new computer usually comes with an operating system disc so you will need to dig this disc out from storage. You might even have your Windows 8 installation files on a USB drive. Either way insert your media so you can access the files. If you do not have a system disc then you can borrow one from a friend as you only want to use the Advanced startup options.

Now to boot from a dvd disc or a USB drive we need to enter the computer bios and change the boot order. By default your computer bios settings are set to boot to your main hard drive first, but we want to change that to either the dvd drive or the USB, depending on which one you are using.

When you have changed your bios settings to boot to the device you want to start from, then you need to restart your computer. Make sure your USB is plugged in or the disc is in the drive.

Please note: If you are using a touch screen, where it says click, you can choose to tap the screen.

1. When you see the Windows Setup screen simply click on Next.

2. Go to the link at the bottom of the window that says repair your computer and click on it.

3. Advanced Startup Options will start.

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