12 thoughts on “The Mechanics Behind Cryptolocker

  1. What about encrypted files? Does CryptoLocker mess with encrypted files? What about hashed out extensions such as _oc (doc) or _pg (jpg)??

  2. Hit the perpetrators back: provide *all* computers with Cryptolocker software – when the malware is introduced to a victim's system, that system will transmit the same public key encryption back to the originating server, therefore rendering their server useless. Unless of course they are willing to pay 100x the ransom back to the victim for the private key!

    • @Richard:

      Oh not like dogs please Richard! Dogs are not like the lowly humans! They are honorable and innocent. Call these humans rather by their OWN names: “sick f**ks” monsters!!! And I wish something can be done to throw them in jail, preferably for good! :o)

    • @Bill Koster: The virus would infect and damage the virtual machine, but your host system will be safe. Virtual machine software isolates the virtual (guest) OS from your running (host) OS. Just make sure you turn off shared folders in the virtual machine configuration to stop the virus from affecting any shared files between your host and guest.

    • @Bill Koster: One more thing: Power down any servers on your network and remove USB storage devices from the virtual machine. The virus can encrypt data on network servers and connected storage devices.

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