Preventing a Crippling Cryptolocker Extortion Attack

By Bill Pytlovany

Preventing a Crippling Cryptolocker Extortion Attack

A common example of how Cryptolocker is infecting computers.–PC Pitstop

A common way computers are infected or compromised has always been a simple yet well thought out deception. It can happen to anyone and the use of social trickery is nothing new. Understanding the victim is all that’s needed to receive their cooperation.

If you’re thinking it could never happen to me this refresher couldn’t hurt. You might want to share the examples here with your friends, family and especially your employees. Social engineering has come a long way since the possibility of seeing Anna Kournikova naked.

Here’s a common example that has been used to infect computers with the crippling Cryptolocker extortion attack.


This one and variations are going to get more popular as Santa starts shipping his presents. In this example the “From” email isn’t even disguised which means these guys were really lazy. Don’t bother replying because the Email address belongs to someone who has already been hacked and was probably shut down by the time you receive your Email.

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This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

Note to PC Matic users:
Because PC Matic’s security, called Super Shield, uses a white list and a black list, you are protected from ransomware like Cryptolocker, but you have to make sure Super Shield is properly enabled. We are getting reports of PC Matic users becoming infected because they have not enabled Super Shield. It is not hard to know. Just look at the tray icon and the Super Shield logo should be present and green.

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4 thoughts on “Preventing a Crippling Cryptolocker Extortion Attack

  1. Nokia Win8 auto upgraded to 8.1,cannot go back to 8,writing about a mobile/cell phone.Tried free/buy pcmatic.I get a page that reads,cannot go to site-not supported by Win 8/8.1 mobile/cell,something to that effect,oh yeah,an att phone,will be history in near future,may be today after posting this…and…may God Bless America…m…n.

  2. I dislike using a laptop with a touchpad. I brush against it and my posts come out looking like the first one. 🙁

  3. If you are going to use the FREE version, just downlocensead it, copy it to a flash drive, and install it on as many PCs as you wish. If you Love it, then buy it. When you arrive on the website, check to see if they still provide a multi-pc license.

  4. I had PCMatic on my first computer but I do not have it on the two I own now. They did cover up to 3 or 5 units in your home. I do not know if that is still the policy. If they still have the policy I would probably would put it back on. They do not tell you if you can cover 2 or more computers when you use the free down load.

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