Resize Your Photos for Easy Email Delivery

Resize Your Photos for Easy Email Delivery

By Dave Taylor

The Question: I’m running Windows 7 and want to resize a few photographs I’ve downloaded from my digital camera before I email them to friends. How do I quickly and easily resize pictures or photos in Microsoft Windows on my old PC?

Dave’s Answer:

I’m so impressed at how considerate you are, wanting to resize your photographs before you share them with friends and family. Me? I seem to have friends who don’t pay attention to this sort of thing so when they share photos with me, those photos are HUGE and I end up having to resize them to even see what they’re about. You know who you are, friends ‘o mine. 🙂

There’s an easy solution for resizing images in Windows, whether you’re running Windows 7 or the more modern Windows 8, but there’s a trick to it because by default images are opened up in the “Photos” app and that has some editing capabilities but doesn’t seem to know how to resize images. Kinda daft, really, but if you want to adjust the color, contrast, or apply some fancy adjustments to your photos before you resize them, “Photos” is the app of choice.

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This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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6 thoughts on “Resize Your Photos for Easy Email Delivery

  1. i simply use snagit for many things and resizing is something it can do too. its a nice piece of software that can do a lot of things useful while at the same time not having a lot of different software installed.

  2. easier yet down load a patch to Microsoft explorer
    run patch
    Then you just have to right click on one or a whole directory to resise in 4 preset sizes or pick your own custom size to fit your use

  3. Hello, My biggest frustration with Win 7 was loosing my XP Power Toy resizer. I found the perfect replacement. CodePlex project hosting for open source software has one developed by Nathanael Jones. It is called image resizer for Windows and works the same as the old XP Power Toy (it’s free)

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