Troubleshoot Office 365 Connectivity Issues

Troubleshoot Office 365 Connectivity Issues

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

As a tech guy I am very used to dealing with issues of various types relating to my software, hardware and services.

Many times a good search engine is my friend as I researched if others have experienced similar issues with the same service.

Recently I had been having intermittent problems with the connectivity to our Office 365 hosted Exchange accounts. It was completely random when it would happened and a variety of solutions I found online appeared to fix things but they always ended up being temporary remedies.

I know it was not an Outlook client issue because it was happening on all of our devices connected to the home network and those connections were both wireless and wired. I rebooted routers, switches, etc. in the hopes of restoring proper connectivity but everything continued to be intermittent.

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This excerpt appears with permission from Windows Observer.

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