9 Tips for Improving Your Wireless Connection

9 Tips for Improving Your Wireless Connection

By Windows Guides

9 tips to make your Wi-Fi work at peak performance.–PC Pitstop.

Everyone knows how frustrating a sketchy Wi-Fi signal can be. You’re about to send an important file. You’re about to Skype with your sister who lives in Australia. And then the signal goes dead, and your wireless internet goes down without warning. You may even work from home, and the sketchy Wi-Fi means a consistently frustrating day with constant interruptions and less productivity.

Here are nine things that you need to check and fix to make your Wi-Fi work for and not against you.

1. Reduce your wireless interference

Microwave ovens, garage door openers, and baby monitors work at the same frequency as wireless technology such as routers. If all of these wireless devices are at work, your router may not work through all of the wavelengths. You can help your wireless device to work by not using the other devices. If you have an Android, you can get an app that will analyze the Wi-Fi interference around you.

2. Change your channel

Wireless routers work similarly to radio station channels. Just as you might get interference from radio station channels, you could get interference from other Wi-Fi. Try changing the station for your wireless router to see if your signal strength improves. Your computer will detect the new channel and possibly work better.

RR: You can access the wireless channel settings from your router’s Wireless settings page (usually at

3. Move your router to a central location in the house

If your router is against the wall in your house, the signal will be weaker on the opposite side of the house. If your router is on the first floor and the computer getting wireless internet is on the second floor, the router should be placed on a high shelf on the first floor. You can also see where the signal is the strongest in your house by using software such as HeatMapper, which will show you where the ‘cold spots’ are in your house. The software is free although you will need to enter your email address.

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2 thoughts on “9 Tips for Improving Your Wireless Connection”

  1. Derick Bartelings

    just get a (cheap) plug-in wireless repeater and place it closer to the center of the house and up higher so the devices below it will get better reception and speed.

  2. One more suggestion. Reduce the amount of work your WiFi router has to do. Adding a wired router to your network will free your WiFi router from DHCP, NAT and playing traffic cop and will let it do what it is supposed to do.

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