The Right Way to Handle Cryptolocker

The Right Way to Handle Cryptolocker

By Leo Notenboom

The Right Solution

The issue is that you should not be trying to avoid just one specific kind of malware. Cryptolocker is malware with particularly bad effects, but it’s malware nonetheless. We should be doing what we can to avoid all malware, not just CryptoLocker.

The problem is of course, that the next malware that comes along could be as bad or worse and not do it the same way that CryptoPrevent is preventing. My concern is that running CryptoPrevent will just give people a false sense of security. It prevents one very specific class of malware, and that’s it.

In fact, if CryptoPrevent were to actually make a difference on your machine it’s because you already allowed CryptoLocker to be downloaded on to your machine! That is what needs to be prevented, because the things that prevent you from downloading Cryptolocker are the kinds of things that prevent all malware.

The right way to deal with CryptoLocker is to treat it just like any other malware. Remember, only you can prevent malware. Don’t open email attachments that you aren’t absolutely certain are safe, and as I understand it CryptoLocker currently propagates most commonly via email attachments.–

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This excerpt appears with permission from Leo Notenboom.

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3 thoughts on “The Right Way to Handle Cryptolocker

  1. You recommend back-up. Should the unthinkable happen and you get infected,what is the danger of this crypto malware finding its way to the cloud server used for your back-up and locking that as well?

  2. It sounds like email is the best malware delivering tool, but it’s not the case any more.
    The engaged sites, vulnerabilities of your active software – they do not need your cooperation to affect your system. 🙁

  3. We all know that it isn't smart to open attachments from an unknown source. We all receive email from unknown sources everyday. Set up your own PRIVATE/SECURE email community and be certain that you know to whom you are communicating and delete the rest.

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