Has Your Email Been Hacked

Has Your Email Been Hacked

by Mitz from Tips4pc.com

How to recover from your Gmail, Yahoo or MSN email accounts being hacked.
–PC Pitstop.

Recovering from a hacked email account can be easy or hard, depending on which email service provider you use and whether or not you have backups. Let’s look at several likely scenarios, from most common to least common.

GMail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/MSN Email

Many people use Web-based email from the three largest email service providers: Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Breaking into one of these accounts is usually as simple as entering your email address or username and your password, so any hacker who gets your password from somewhere else (or guesses it), can break into your email. The reward for the hacker is that a lot of people store password emails and other valuable information in their email accounts, plus the hacker may be able to use your email account to scam people you know.

After hackers break into your account, they’ll often change your password or delete all of your emails (after downloading a copy of any emails they think might be useful). They’ll also delete your address book (contacts database) so you can’t immediately tell your friends and family that a hacker is using your identity to run a scam on them. You need to know how to check if your email account is hacked or not!

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2 thoughts on “Has Your Email Been Hacked

  1. One thing the article didn’t seem to mention is other accounts.

    One of the big problems with having your email account hacked is usually all your accounts are tied to that one email account. If that email is then hacked, the hackers can use it to ask all your social networks and other accounts for a password reset as the link to do this will be emailed to the now hacked email account

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